Believe it or not... six years!

Six years ago yesterday, Becca was first diagnosed with leukemia (ALL – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), and a journey we did not want to take began.  I will not go into details about the dichotomy of emotions I felt yesterday, but I do want to let you all know we are in a really good place right now.  Becca is doing great!  She is absolutely LOVING second grade, she is sassy and healthy, and she is dealing with normal 8-year-old girl drama.  Wednesday is her favorite day of the week, because she has library, share, and early release, and Friday is a close second, because of Drama Kids after school. Her Brownie troop will begin meeting soon, too, which is something she is really anticipating. Best of all, Becca is singing constantly, which means she is feeling terrific!

As far as hospital visits, we are now seeing Becca’s oncologist every three months, and we are visiting the BMT team even less frequently.  Her labs looked stellar the last time we had them drawn, and prior to her November appointment, we will have them taken again. 

I would apologize for not posting to the blog in so long, but as I’ve said before, the less I post, the better, because that means Becca is doing well.  

Insert Glee-like music and rapidly talking voice over saying, "So here's what you missed (since May)..." 
Becca, Aunt Mary, cutie Carter, and Lily - Carter's first swim!

Becca running from Virginia Beach waves (she and cousin Ricky did this for about an hour, after Becca told me she did NOT want to go to the beach that day)

Ricky, Rachel, Becca, and Lily taking a break from the hot sun at the rooftop indoor pool

Ward Cousins!

Eight curly candles on a Barbie cake... how much better can it get?!

Dorothy and Elsa
Hilsmier cousins "hung" with us for a couple of days and a night in the UP :)

 A windy canoe ride with Daddy on Lake Michigamme
Sisters on "the rock"

 2-year post-transplant celebration at Becca's favorite UP restaurant

Kniskern (girl) cousins at the beach
  • The summer flew by, but it started with a trip to Virginia Beach with Nana, along with a stop in Charlotte on the way to visit with Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary, and cousin Carter.
  • Becca turned 8 in July, and her first sleepover party was a success!

  • We headed to the Upper Peninsula (UP) for our yearly family trip after the girls spent a week at Camp N'JoyItAll (surprisingly, Lily was the one who was homesick this year at camp)
 Our favorite pic of Becca at Camp N'JoyItAll this summer

Notice the jumprope around Lily's neck?!

First day of 2nd grade and 5th grade

 Almost positive that the laughs were the result of something Becca said...

 Sweet sister love

 LOVE that laugh, and of course, the smiles!

 Our lovely Lily girl

Our beautiful Becca Boo
  • Lily started doing "open gyms" for her Kings Firecrackers jump rope team this summer, and there were two intense weeks when the movie executives and filming crew came in to begin taking some footage for the Firecrackers movie, but that was NOTHING compared to how much the girls are practicing now! Two hours a day Monday through Thursday, they are usually off Friday night, then 3-4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I only drive the carpool once a week, and I am amazed at how much they improve from week to week. If you ever have the chance to see the Firecrackers perform, don't miss it! Oh, and Lily turned ten at the beginning of September... hard to believe how fast she is growing up.
  • As you can see above, we had family photos taken out at Nanna B and Poppa's farm with the Kniskern clan, and it was so much fun!
I think that will have to be all for now, because I need to get to bed and get up in five hours. Feeling grateful for all of you who have kept up with our journey the past six years and have continued to pray for our little fighter and the rest of our family...



LaDonna said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and memories!! It is so great to see how wonderful your family is doing!!

Katie Dickert said...

Absolutely beautiful family! Glad to hear Becca is happy and healthy, cannot believe it's already been six years! Looks like you all had a wonderful, fun filled summer. I hope you have an amazing fall and Halloween, those Dorothy and Elsa costumes are too cute! Still can't believe Lily is a firecracker, that's so exciting and I bet she is loving it. Keep in touch, I love seeing the beautiful pictures and memories your family is making. Pillows of Hope is still doing well, thanks again for sharing, and lots of love! ~ Katie