She's now a 2nd grader!

Hope you can join us!

 Becca's first day of 1st grade
 Becca's last day of 1st grade - think she's a little excited?
Lily's first day of 4th grade
 Lily's last day of 4th grade - notice the jump rope

It's been a while, so here's what has been happening with the Kniskerns since my last real post in January:

  • Looking back at my calendar for January, I'm noticing that we had LOTS of snow days and delays... that must be the reason my students in Loveland are in school until June 10th!  Becca also started cheering for Upward basketball games during that month and got strep for the first time since before her bone marrow transplant.
  • February was a rough month all around.  Becca got sick again, but this time with an ear infection and virus that wouldn't go away until the middle of March, since she had developed some immunity to antibiotics. In the midst of that, my grandfather fell off a stool in mid-February and passed away within two weeks. It was a flurry of activity, with family coming in to visit with Grandpa while he was in the hospital and staying with us then and when they came in for the funeral at the beginning of March.  Though it was an extremely sad period and we are still grieving the loss of an amazing man, the time spent with family was priceless.
  • March brought on a fever and cold for Lily, but she also went to her first Firecrackers (Kings Schools jump rope team) clinic the same week.  Before that clinic, Lily had not really expressed interest in jumping rope (or much ability at all in that area). The girls and I tried to escape the cold of Cincinnati over spring break with my mom by heading to Myrtle Beach.  It wasn't much warmer, but we were able to visit with cousin Chuck and his daughter Ceili in Asheville on the way down, and my brother Rick joined us at the beach for a few days, too.
  • In April, Firecracker fever took over for Lily!  She went to another clinic and decided to try out for the team.  Constant jumping ensued, and she started practicing during open gym time as well as with two different jump rope tutors almost every day. Yeah... we didn't know there was such a thing either! Ethan finished up his first year at UC and did a fine job of officiating his first wedding for some of our friends. Toward the end of the month, Becca had another bout with strep and a sinus infection.  The fever of 104.1 really scared us, and it took a full week for the antibiotics to kick in to get rid of the fever.     
  • May has flown by, mostly due to the Butterfly Walk and the end of the school year.  We had a team of over 60 people and raised more than $2,600 this year for CancerFree KIDS with Becca's Believers.  Check out the video here: http://youtu.be/aTL77DOGF3Y .  Thank you to all of the walkers, runners, and donors... with your help, researchers might be able to soon wipe out childhood cancer. Wouldn't that be great?! Another death on my side of the family (my sweet Uncle Austin) brought some of the family back into town just last weekend to participate in a beautiful celebration of his life.  Again, so sad to lose someone we love, but thankful for the time with family.  The best news of the month is that Lily made it onto the Firecrackers team!!! Check out a video of last year's team performing at halftime of a UC game and UK game: http://www.kingsfirecrackers.com/ Aren't they AMAZING?!  It is going to be a huge commitment, but our family is really excited.  Lily has worked tirelessly to make it on the team (the coach only took three girls out of the 11 that tried out), but now the real work begins.  Practicing two hours a day, six days a week, with the other day being a performance, and travelling almost every weekend from January through March... just WOW!  I can't wait to see her shine; she sure deserves the spotlight for a while!
  • Becca's and Lily's last day of school was today, so we now have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader!  See the pics above. Hard to believe...
  • Our family is looking forward to two separate events coming up in June.  The first is the Be the Match Soccer Marrowthon, which will take place next Friday night, June 6, from 6pm-midnight, at Kings High School. Come join us and get registered to be a bone marrow donor. You could save someone's life, just like our hero Matthew did for Becca! We are excited that Matthew might be able to attend the event. Check out the details on the flyer above. The other event we are looking forward to is a trip to Virginia Beach to visit with the Ward cousins.  We haven't seen them since Christmas, and our family is excited to celebrate the end of the school year by playing on a warm, sunny beach.
  • Becca has a clinic visit with Dr. Absalon next Friday, so please join us in praying for good numbers in her labs and that they are pleased with how she is doing.  
That's all for now.  The next update will most likely be in July, when Becca turns 8 and we head to Michigan.  As I hit "Publish" on this blog, Becca is totally rocking out to "Dude Looks like a Lady" with rock star facial expressions and hand gestures, while playing her air guitar :).  She's been singing all afternoon, too, which means she is feeling great.  Life is good...