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So Becca will be starting her fourth week back at school, and she is loving it!  She picked up with the routine pretty quickly and has been enjoying getting to know her new friends.  When asked her favorite part of the day, Becca replies, "Snack."  Lunch and recess are her least favorite.  Unfortunately, Becca has been blessed to be a "super smeller," and she is extremely offended by the smells of other students' lunches.  Needless to say, she returns home from school each day with the exact lunch she left with in the morning, and  is ravenous.  On recess, she isn't really playing with other children, but she has learned to do the monkey bars and is showing some pride on that front.  Mrs. Finn explained that recess is difficult for lots of kindergarteners, as they get out on the big playground and run around, but then they cannot find each other.  Hopefully it's just a stage, and the kids will grow out of it.

I am really enjoying hearing Becca tell me about the things she is learning at school... it has been a long while.  Her cute little voice talking about spheres, cylinders, cones, seeds, roots, and plants, singing songs from her upcoming class musical, and explaining art projects she is creating is music to my ears after a year-long hiatus from such things.  Though the first day away from her while she was at school was difficult (not knowing what was going on or seeing her for an entire school day after a year of constant surveillance), it is great that Becca has "her own thing" to tell us about later.

On Thursday this week, Becca will head to the clinic to see Dr. Grimley, her Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) doctor.  She hasn't seen him since November or December, as we were moved back to the HemOnc side with Dr. Absalon.  We are at nine months post-transplant, and it is amazing how well Becca is doing.  She looks fabulous (hair still growing and curly!), feels good, and is doing activities that a normal six-year-old girl does.  Please join us in praying or crossing your fingers and toes for good labs!

On another note, the Butterfly Walk for CancerFree KIDS is coming up on May 11th!  This will be the fifth year that we have had a team for Becca, and we plan for her to lead Becca's Believers this year as we walk the one-mile inspirational lap around Cottell Park.  Last year at this time, she was again fighting for her life at Children's Hospital, so this year we have even more reason to really celebrate her courage while supporting an organization that funds important grants to researchers seeking a cure for pediatric cancers.  You all are invited and encouraged to join our team or to donate (even a small amount) on behalf of Becca's Believers.

Last year, we had almost 90 members and raised over $5,800!  Your $30 adult registration fee gets you a t-shirt, bracelet for the day's activities and food, and some other perks.  If you would like to do the 5K (which starts at 9am), the adult registration is $35 and child (12 years and under) registration is $20.  Youth (ages 3-12) only pay $15 for the walk and fun festival, and children under 2 years are free.

For more information or to register/donate, go to www.butterflywalk.org or https://runsignup.com/Race/Donate/?raceId=2547&runnerFundraiser=LTksigjxQcKkvMNG .
 Be sure to list "Becca's Believers" as the team and "Trisha Kniskern" as the captain so that your contribution or registration goes towards our team.  The deadline to guarantee a t-shirt is coming soon (not sure of the date), so if you definitely want one, please register soon.

I will post a quick update when we have labs on Thursday and will leave you with a video of sweet Becca singing one of the morning songs from school:  http://youtu.be/Z1X7qDIymhw

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