When my nephew MK was a little guy, I recall him running around gleefully in a wild spinning pattern outside his house.  He was having a grand time sporting a massive smile until he ran face first into a parked car that had been there the whole time.  In his blind joy, he just forgot about the massive chunk of steel that sat emotionless every day in the same spot near his back yard in Hyde Park.  Well he was fine after his splat. His pride was bruised, but he recovered and probably made a log entry into his 2-year-old mind that there was a force in the world greater than unchained happiness.

So we received "The Phone Call" from Children's Hospital.  Dr. Absalon, for the fourth time, told us that the cancer might be back based on a genetic study that they do every month.  This FISH analysis indicated that there are two DNAs existing in Becca's body.  Without going into exhaustive detail, Becca was at 100% male DNA (her donor was male) and now she has almost 2% female DNA (her original).  The implication of this result is that the cancer could be coming back (a relapse) or she is a "chimera."
We received "The Call" last Thursday and went in for a bone marrow aspiration on Friday morning.  Very little routine happens at Children's over the weekend, so we had to stew (A.K.A. "freak out") for a few days until the results came back.  Last evening we were told that there was no leukemia evident in the bone marrow (GOOD NEWS!).  They never say that there is "no leukemia" only "no evidence of leukemia," but I will not get too picky about good news.

We have been having a great time running around doing fun things, planning trips, planning to go back to school (both me and Becca, FYI)  and  thinking about scheduling an O.R. time to get Becca's port removed.  I think that we are far enough out now that I can say out loud that since we walked out of the hospital after her transplant, we have not spent one damn night in that place. That is pretty flippin' rare.  SPLAT....so we ran into our version of the parked car.  We are joyful and will still run with a HUGE smile, but we were certainly reminded of the emotionless greater force that looms in the background.  It is right where we left it last time.

But we are all smiles right now, and that is the important part!


Momto3awesomekids said...

So glad to hear this...I have tears in my eyes. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!

Boulmetis said...

Sounds like bliss worth holding on to.
Great news! Hoping to catch some time with an old friend this summer...

Ellen Mason said...

As always, I reading your posts although this one scared the hell out of me. I can't imagine the fear you all must have been reliving. Great parked car analogy! I may have to use that one, with proper credit of course. Thanks for the update!

Renee and Jon said...

You are brilliant.

As his mother, I don't remember the SPLAT, but as her aunt and I can tell you that there isn't one day I don't give thanks for her life and the miracles the have played out before us.

God's goodness is abundant and we are so grateful!