Doing great

As we have often said on this blog, no news is good news.  Becca is (as she says), "Tired of looking at this house," so, yeah, she fights a bit of cabin fever. My cabin fever is bit different.  But, all in all, we have a pretty good time and are needing to go to the hospital less and less... currently once every two weeks.  We are also being transferred back the Hem-Onc side of things from the transplant specialists.  That is actually pretty big and is a major indication of positive things going on in her body.  This change will also get us back to seeing her original Oncologist that we like and trust very, very much. (despite him being responsible for her getting cancer again... kind of nice to be able to joke a little now). The time spent in the dark woods does not seem so bad once at hearth.   On a different note, we are heading to Florida for a winter vacation and to get back some of the summer that we missed.  Lily and Becca are really looking forward to being able to swim.  Trisha looks more forward to general warmth and sun.  Me... well as far as I am concerned, water is mostly wasted unless being hunted over or fished in.  Check out the video below of (a snippet of) Becca's first real bath, where she could actually get wet, since April.  I also uploaded some pics I thought you might like.
http://youtu.be/_NHuqHH-Fqg - you probably will need to copy and paste the link to view it

 Buckeye dipping with Kate... YUM!  Don't you love the eye makeup that Lily and Kate put on Becca? It's really not from the bruising...

 Facepainting at The Dragonfly Foundation's (TDF's) holiday party - so much fun!

 The Festival of Lights - it was 70 degrees that day!

The girls are ready for Christmas (thanks, Aunt Louisa for the suits!), and they are showing off our new kitten Peanut.


Kelly's Life said...
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Kelly's Life said...

I love reading your updates about Becca. I am originally from Cincinnati but I am currently going to Bowling Green State University. On December 2nd, I shaved my head for kids like Becca. Every time I look in the mirror and at my hair as it comes back in, I think of Becca and how much of a fighter she is. I love to hear she and your family are doing well. Keep fighting and Keep winning Becca!! :) :) :)

Momto3awesomekids said...

Delighted to see the pictures & hear that things are going well! We continue to pray for you all & Becca daily! Bella (or Isabella as she has recently decided she'd rather be called) was so thrilled to see Becca at the Barrett's one afternoon. She told me how wonderful Becca looked & that she had lots of hair! Thank you for sharing and keeping us all updated.