Happy 2012-13 Hunting Season

Happy Hunting Season greetings, one and all!  I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly ask if anyone has any land that they are willing to let me hunt on, especially if they have ducks and/or geese.  Big thanks!  My email is chef.kniskern@gmail.com

In Becca's mind, spending all day every week day with Daddy is not her idea of a "Good Day." She classifies these days as "good, bad days." We actually have a pretty good time, even when we are in the hospital all day.  Often we do "school"  while sitting through a 5-hour infusion; this involves writing a partial sentence in black dry erase marker and then the concluding word in a different color.  Becca smells like: poop, farts, dog, rose, butt, butter, butterfly.  She also frequently has to sit through my rants against the English language as happened recently when we talked about the words does, does (a female deer), doze, dose and reed, read, and bread?  Where, oh where, did Esperanto go?

Becca is eating much better in terms of volume these days, but from a menu as limited as ever.  She has 2-3 Yoplait light boston cream pie yogurts with pretzels for dipping spaced out between her 3-4 grilled cheese sandwiches on seedless Italian bread with Kraft american cheese just about every day.

Becca's hair, her eyebrows, and eyelashes are starting to grow back, and most of the bruising is gone on her face.  She still looks pretty dark around the eyes, but not "Uncle Fester-like" at all.  She also has three new loose teeth, so she may be wanting her two front teeth for Christmas this year.  Becca's counts look wonderful... her platelets are over 150K, ANC is over 2,500, and her hemoglobin is almost in the normal range.  She hasn't received red blood cells or platelets in a few weeks, so her body's new factory is doing its job.  It's pretty amazing how resilient her strong little body has been!

All in all, we feel pretty fortunate to be where we are right now, especially considering we have not been back in the hospital inpatient for any fevers or bugs.  If I only typed it, it does not count as saying it aloud...right?!  EK

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