Smiles and Giggles

Becca really enjoyed playing on 'Nise's playset on Sunday... you can tell by the giggles!

 Lily's camping party at Nanna B's and Poppa's farm... what a blast!
 Scrunchy face Becca - she's been sporting this expression (on and off) since she was a tiny girl.
Loving the swings!

It's been a pretty good week!  Becca's platelets are up over 100K, her hemoglobin is holding, and she has some energy.  The docs pulled her fluids, so now she's not hooked up during the day, and she is only requiring two IV meds each day for a total of 2-3 hours.  Her oral meds have been cut a little, too, which makes for much less griping.  Ethan and Becca left for the hospital at 6:30 this morning so that she can get her weekly IVIG infusion in the day hospital, and we're hoping they will pull her Cipro (IV antibiotic) starting today, too.  Will write more when I have more time.

Oh, wanted to share one of Becca's quotes from yesterday.  Ethan was cleaning the basement, while Becca colored at the kitchen table.  After a little while of hearing Ethan move things around, Becca stood at the top of the steps and called to Ethan, "Daddy, what the hell are you doing?"  Guess Ethan's good parenting is rubbing off on her a little... :o)  Tried to upload a giggly video of Becca, but it's not working this morning, so I will try later tonight.

Thanks for continuing the prayers, positive thoughts, etc... we are fueled by them! TK


Timmiera said...

Becca's laugh is so contagious! What a beauty you have there. Glad things are going better. The story about Becca's quote and Ethan's parenting skills is a riot. I'm sure it was a proud moment for him!
Smiles all around!
Love and Light!

Carol and Zachary said...

Trisha - The scrunchy face is so ridiculously cute! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. I'm loving that things are looking up this week. As always, continued prayers.

Unknown said...

Your updates are so informative. Your family is amazing. Love the camp out with Lily and friends. So glad to see that Becca's blood is responding. You are in my prayers continuously. I keep thinking that your story has so much educational value. I think you have been so responsive to the demands of each situation in figuring out how to respond and who should respond. Please take care of yourselves as parents. Nothing works without you. Love, Laurel