wonderful parenting continues

Some humor never goes out of style, like the The Three Stooges, good ol' fashioned "low brow" slap stick.  Becca and Lily have always enjoyed the violent physical hi-jinks of Tom and Jerry and Woody Woodpecker.  So the good father that I am introduced Becca (and later Lily) to the more modern, but certainly not higher brow, incarnation of Jack-@$$.  Okay, before Child Protective Services is called, it was censored and the volume was off for the scenes that I let them watch.  Nothing brings out the deep laughs from the sweetest of little girls like watching a guy get smashed in the "no no's"  or getting covered in poop.  I knew that they would think it was funny, but nothing could ever have prepared me for the uncontrollable, doubled over, laughing and and knee slapping glee of watching this band of drug addled reprobates getting rich from willingly assaulting their genitals.   hahahaha


Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick said...

And I just sent a Veggie Tales DVD - if I had only known!! (<; I'm glad you and Becca are laughing, I bet she'll be feeling better the more she laughs!

Love, Aunt Lou

Timmiera said...

Parenting Advice 101...
You do whatever it takes to make your babies happy!
Ethan, you definitely have that covered!
Loved hanging with our little angel a bit last night. Her giggle is one of the best sounds ever!
Love and Light,