Spoke too soon

Well, almost immediately after posting to the blog the other night, Becca started vomiting up blood.  As Ethan said, it's never a good sign on the show House when this happens, and I agree.  It scared Becca immensely to see the dark red liquid in the barf bucket, which didn't help matters any.  Her platelets were low, so she received them during the night.  Unusually, Becca slept in until 10am yesterday and kept having coughing fits upon waking due to the mucositis.

Perhaps the largest shift I noticed yesterday was in Becca's spirits... she was quite down and almost looked defeated.  Though she wanted to watch a movie when she woke up, she turned on her side and just stared at the rail of her bed.  When Dr. Grimley came in to examine her and noticed how badly she was feeling and how depressed she looked, he told her that this was not going to go on forever... she would feel better and get to go home to her sister and mommy and daddy soon.  She shook her head, not believing him.

Becca asked to go to sleep again around 2pm, and she slept fitfully for a while.  My girl was back around 6:30pm, though!  She woke up, wanting to play UNO... imagine that.  We played four long games filled with giggles, splitting the wins, then played a game of Old Maid.  Cackling could be heard when we exchanged the Old Maid card a few times and finally when she won.  Becca smartly refused another game, as that might damage her winning record.      

Thanks to my wonderful friend Timmiera, we were able to watch some old Muppet Show episodes before Becca wanted to go to sleep around 10.  Unfortunately, she woke up vomiting blood again shortly after and received platelets again during the night.  The docs have decided to raise her threshold for platelets now, and they will give her more when her level is below 50 (she's been staying in the teens and 20's even after transfusions).

The good news is that Dr. Grimley says Becca's organ function looks outstanding, and that's what his main concern is after such intense chemotherapy.  He says the mucositis is a "mild annoyance" (easy for him to say!), but it will heal quickly once her cells start to engraft.  When Becca complained about her mouth hurting last evening, I did notice some redness and irritation under her tongue.  I'm hoping this isn't the beginning of mouth sores.

On another note, I need to mention what a terrifically sweet husband I have.  Though he is still feeling really sick, Ethan felt bad about me being "stuck" at the hospital for a few days straight and cooked me a steak and mushroom dinner with corn on the cob at 2am this morning.  He was planning on coming back to the hospital today to stay with Becca, and has the table set with fresh flowers and a bottle of wine, along with the yummy plate of food in the fridge.  I told him he is not allowed to come back yet (he still has a hacking cough and drainage), and Dr. Grimley nixed his plans to wear a mask and gloves to come down for an hour so that I could go eat the dinner with Lily.  Plan B is that he and Lily are headed down in a bit to drop off the meal, but they will not even enter the BMT unit.  My tummy is growling thinking about it...


linda said...

trisha, let me know if there is anything becca would like...the girls and i would like to send something for her to do/play with. love and hugs...linda

Momto3awesomekids said...

Praying. Please let us know if there is anything we can do or send down!!!

Supurrkitten said...

Thinking about your family often. Hoping Becca is feeling better soon and the cells begin to kick in. I found some pictures from when we went to Daytona for spring break. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.