Sisters reunited

After several weeks apart from each other, Lily was able to visit with Becca at the hospital tonight.  Ethan and I teared up as they gave their first hugs to one another, and there were lots of giggles in the room tonight.  Nurse Amanda even came in to (jokingly) tell us that it was much too loud... they were setting off the noise monitoring traffic light in the hallway. Becca ate several of the Chick-fil-A nuggets and drank the lemonade we brought (man... we're gonna need to buy some stock in that place - that's three days in a row!).  We ventured down to the gift shop for a quick outing, then Lily and Becca played Connect Four, and we rounded out the evening with a family game of UNO.

It was fabulous to see Becca so positive and see her spirits lifted.  I think Ethan's optimism and pushing to get out of the hospital on Sunday is really motivating Becca.  She says she's feeling good, and I kept telling her how good she looks (which only made her smile and hug me more).  I asked her if she was happy that she would get to come home soon, and she grinned.  Last week, she didn't believe that she would ever be able to go home and stay there.  Becca's getting up out of bed more, and getting out of the room a few times during the day (OT, PT, walks, and private play time in the playroom thanks to Amy). Ethan has talked her into taking some of her IV meds as oral medications, explaining to her that it will allow us to go home sooner.  Even though Becca still doesn't enjoy taking oral medicine, she's being a great sport about it and doing what needs to be done.  Ethan is wonderful about prepping her for things that will happen or that need to be done and using calming words.  I guess you inherit some of that in a family full of psychologists...

On rounds this morning, Ethan mentioned to the doctors that he knows they are counting on the middle of next week for discharge, but he's going to fight for Sunday.  At that point, one of the doctors said that they don't discharge patients on Sundays, and Ethan replied with, "Uh, yeah, you do."  One of the docs who has gotten to know us pretty well looked at that doctor and told her, "He's been around... he knows we do."  It's not like they were trying to hide the fact that they do, but the current attending's service ends on Sunday, so we think they just don't want to hang around to fill out discharge papers.  I guess you had to be there or to hear Ethan tell the story, but I was chuckling on the other end of the phone.  Ethan's pretty determined when he feels strongly about something, and it was great to hear the excitement in his voice today when he started getting the process moving by having the continuous flow lowered on Becca's pain pump, some oral medications replacing IV meds, and training from home care on what we need to do.  What a wonderful advocate he is for Becca!

 Believe it or not, Becca looks so much better here than she has in weeks!  If you've ever 
gotten a hug from her, you know that she gives the best hugs in the entire world...
The girls wanted to cuddle, since that's something they don't get to do very often these days.  
It was pretty adorable!

Please continue to pray that Becca's counts continue to go up, up, up, and that her body shows that it is ready for the transition to home... I know her mind and heart would love to be there!  TK


Christine Lothrop said...

You got it! We will be praying that everyone is united under the "K" house very soon and your wonderful family will never experience this again.
Becca, you rock little one. Keep fighting!
Christine, Randy, and Liz Lothrop

...just Mi said...

Been praying for Becca since her Grandma Sandra first told me about her fight. I'm not stopping any time soon :). Your joy is contagious. I can't wait to hear the news (even if it's not Sunday!) that she is home again! God bless her and your family.

Michelle Frey

Timmiera said...

Great BIG smile on this girls face! I love how excited Becca and Lily were to see each other.
Ethan, you keep encouraging Becca and pushing the hospital staff. Love it!
Tell Becca we can shoot BIG nerf guns at home some time when she gets there. (Look out Ethan)
Love and Light,

Bonnie said...

Okay, looking at that photo of the two of them in bed cuddling made me cry!! Sooo sweet! They say they are discharging us on Saturday! A great weekend for all of us!