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Becca's counts are still heading in the right direction!  They sent off an engraftment test today, and we should have the results by tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning.  We want to have a 98% or better to earn an "A" or "B," and below 50% is considered a failure of the transplant.  Please join us in praying for 100% (yes, I'm a perfectionist, especially when it comes to this!).

We were able to venture out of our room for a short walk today.  This is the first time Becca has left her room since July 16 (except for one trip to radiology).  I pushed her in a wheelchair, and she brought along her Becca American Girl doll with matching nightgown, slippers, mask, and bracelet.  It wasn't the smoothest journey, as I had to take her IV pole with six pumps and loads of dangling wires and tubes while steering the wheelchair and opening doors, but we did it.  Becca and I actually went down to the end of the hall on the BMT side (our first time down there), then we circled around to head over to A5S to see if we could find some of our favorite nurses.  Though she wasn't really talkative, and she was hesitant to go out at first, I think she enjoyed it.

The other good news is that it is looking like we might be talking about discharge in the next couple of weeks.  No promises, of course, but Dr. Grimley is on service next week, and we hear he is the least conservative of all of the attendings.  We still have some loose ends to tie up, though.  Her liver and kidneys are improving, but they are still not where they need to be.  They want another ultrasound later in the week.  Her ANC needs to be over 2000, and she is only at 870 today.  He would like Becca to be off TPN (the liquid nutrition she receives through her line), but he said she could still be on it at home if she had to.  Finally, she needs to be off the pain pump in order to go home.  This week and next week we will work on switching over to as many oral meds as we can.  Though she will still receive IV products once we go home, the docs would rather she take as many things orally as possible.

In terms of eating, Becca is getting really interested in food again and hungry.  The problem is that things taste differently because her tastebuds have been pretty much obliterated by the chemo.  The only things she's finding that taste good right now are cold and sweet/sour... namely lemon and cherry Italian ices and orange sherbet ice cream.  We keep trying other things, but everything just tastes bland to her.  Maybe we'll try some lemonheads or sour patch kids - yuck!  Hey... they are calories anyway.

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Timmiera said...

Positives ringing through this whole post!!! I love it!!!
Glad to see you were able to maneuver thru the halls with all of Becca's goods. Getting out to see something "different" is sure to brighten her day (and yours).
Praying for 100% and an early release!
Keep us posted.
Love and Light,