Becca's not exactly at the top of her game right now (well, except for her UNO game), but she is doing amazingly well.  Many kids at this point in their treatment are sleeping for twenty hours a day, have sores coating the insides of their mouths, need loads of pain medications, and continuously vomit.  Becca is not there, thank goodness.  Though she is not eating or drinking, she is still managing to get her one oral medication in each day, as well as doing her mouth care, without throwing it back up.  We have told her that this is why she doesn't have mouth sores, although we're not really sure why she doesn't.

She is waking up each day around 8am and staying up until 5 or 6pm, when her body is just too tired to be awake any longer.  Becca is on a pain pump, and they have increased the doses slightly each day, due to her increasing throat pain.  She sounds like a seal when she coughs, and she is still vomiting as a result of the mucositis (but much less than earlier this week).  Platelets and red blood cells were given yesterday, and she seemed to hold onto them pretty well overnight.  Fevers chew the platelets up pretty quickly, so we're hoping that the fevers stay away.  Her liver and kidney numbers look good, but she is retaining some fluid.  The docs have given her lasix over the last two days, hoping to drain off some of the extra fluid. Becca is also now requiring some blow-by oxygen while she sleeps.  This is something that has happened with her before, because she breathes pretty shallowly when she's in a deep sleep, and her pulse-ox level dips into the upper 80s (they want to keep it in the mid- to upper-90s).  During the day, it is not a problem, and the docs aren't concerned.

As far as her disposition, you wouldn't know how sick she must be feeling by looking at her.  Becca is smiling, laughing, playing UNO (and beating everyone she plays!), and being her normal sweet self.  She gladly sits or stands up to play with OT, PT, speech or behavioral therapists, but her stamina is not what it used to be.  When she has pain, she is thankfully now beginning to press the button on the pain pump.  Before today, she was afraid it would make her fall asleep, and Becca doesn't like sleepy medicine.  The whites of her eyes are still filled with blood (which she says makes her look "evil"), but those should heal when her counts begin coming in.  Dr. Grimley told us that her pain should be peaking by the end of the weekend or the end of next week.  Once her cells begin engrafting, the mucositis will heal quickly and she will pretty suddenly feel better.  I'm hoping for the end of the weekend!

Ethan has some kind of virus, so he's banned from the hospital until there is no trace left.  We switched off days here this week, which was a nice break, and it allowed us both to spend time with both of the girls (separately).  Again, thank you to all of you out there praying for Becca and the rest of us!  I am humbled by the love, care, and generosity shown to us, and I don't know how we could do this without all of you. TK

Leg (and arm) warmers courtesy of Fancy Nancy, 
and an awesome cupcake hat knitted with love by Sandy - Becca is stylin'!


Momto3awesomekids said...

So glad to hear that there is so much positive news! Continued prayers for you all!

Hillary said...

Hello Lily and Becca! I just received your beautiful notes in the mail yesterday and they made me smile! They are on my fridge and I think of you each time I look at them. Becca, I am so glad that you are able to play some games--I would be afraid to play you in UNO! :) You are a brave and strong girl and I admire your energy--even when you are feeling yucky. And Lily--I loved the photo of you and your sister on the front of your card. I can tell you are a tremendous big sister and that you have lots of courage. I send hugs to you and your family, Hillary Pecsok

Christine, Randy said...

Glad things are going as well as can be and Becca is able to move about some.
I have a survivor shirt for her from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. On our next appointment this month I will drop it by for her to have.
Keeping all of you in our prayers.
Christine, Randy, and Elizabeth

Colleen Berlinger said...

So happy to hear Becca is doing so well. You have one amazing fighter in that little girl!!! Continuing the prayers for her progress...and your strength.