Monocytes in sight

Well Becca still looks like hell and feels about the same.  The best way to understand how she looks and  feels is to envision Uncle Fester (from the Addams Family), bed-ridden with a very bad flu.  It is pretty hard to look at her, but when nothing crummy is going on, she is still able to maintain her sweet disposition.
We got our tiny first glimpse of engraftment today.  Monocytes are becoming apparent in her blood work, as well as sporting an ANC of .08 and WBC of .1.  While the latter numbers are nothing too terribly exciting at this point, it is better than looking at a column of zeros like we have been for quite a while.  We are currently waiting for rounds this morning to feel out the docs' reactions/interpretations of the lab results, but we are expecting a bit of a positive spin.  Her liver numbers are slightly down but still elevated, and I am sure that a repeat ultrasound is going to be discussed to ensure that she is not developing VOD.   So keep the corks in the Moet et Chandon A Epernay, Champagne Dom Perignon Brut Millesime, Vintage 1996.  EK

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Timmiera said...

We'll take every positive...even the tiny ones! Thinking about you guys and hoping to get down again before school starts. Ethan, I have figured out a way for you to get Season 2 on your ipad. :0
Love and Light,