Looking Up

You will be pleased to know that I have no major complaints to air in this post.  You will be more pleased to read that almost everything I write is pleasant and positive.

Becca's eyes are improving daily. You are now able to discern some patches of the white in her eyes, where only a few days ago there was only dark red.  The bruised "Uncle Fester" eyes are also much faded.  The swelling of her face and around her eyes is lessened, and she is almost able to fully open her eyes.  Her overall visage is still not so hot but is much improved from only a few days ago.   Pain is still a familiar companion for her, but it has moved out of her hips and legs and is more in her gut.  The belly pain is most likely a result of her swollen liver and is usually kept tolerable by her pain meds.

Most importantly, her blood is looking good!!!  She has been showing steady growth and improvment in her labs, and is sporting an ANC over 900 and a falling Bili.  She is doing very well on paper; in person she would tell you differently.  We have been trying to reassure her that even though it is difficult for her believe right now, that someday she will feel good again and will want to play, and that she will not always feel sad and tired.


Timmiera said...

Dear Ethan,
I am pleased with your post!

It is wonderful to hear of Becca's improvements. I need to bring her something fun and ornery to play with in hopes to lift her spirits!

How's G of T going?
Love and Light,

Unknown said...



Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick said...

Yea, this is great news!! Love, Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick

John J. Viall said...


When everything finally comes out right, I would love to buy all of your family ice cream. Or for you and Trish maybe a few stiff shots of whiskey.