They're in!

Despite Becca's best efforts today, she has healthy stem cells settling into their new home in her body!  Becca was trying to get a fever and "pick a fight" with us all morning (that's usually how we know she's getting ready to spike a fever... she gets really nasty and unreasonable).  The marrow came right on time at high noon, and when we tried to get Becca to put a mask on so that the nurse could hook the bag of cells into her line, she started fighting - swinging fists, kicking legs, screaming at the top of her lungs... you get the picture.  Ethan, two nurses, and I ended up pinning her down so that we could get her hooked up, and following that she continued the assault.

Vitals were needed every fifteen minutes, but Becca wouldn't allow the blood pressure cuff, she ripped the leads for her monitors out, and wouldn't keep on her pulse-ox sensor.  She continually screamed, "GET OUT OF MY ROOM," as well as hurling other insults meant to hurt our feelings for about two and a half hours straight.  She flung her head back, kicked her legs, threw objects, hit anyone within her reach.  I was exhausted for her.

The cells didn't want to flow smoothly by gravity, so nurse Amanda risked life and limbs by getting close to Becca so that she could draw some marrow into the syringe periodically to get the cells to flow again.  When she persisted in attempting an escape from the bed and wouldn't listen to reason, we had to restrain her again (BOY, is she strong for how little she is!), and she actually tried to bite me.  Deja vu... back to the "roid rage" episode (see earlier post)... they gave her a larger dose of Atavan on top of the one she had before transplant this morning, which did nothing, then they gave her a shot of Zyprexa in her thigh muscle as we held her down.  Finally, after a long twenty minutes, the Zyprexa "broke her," and Becca started crying and allowed me to hold her.  She fell asleep shortly after with major chills and spiked a pretty good fever within an hour.  Since then she's been drifting in and out of sleep, her heart rate is up, her blood oxygen level is down, and her respiration rate is high.  We're hoping that the Tylenol can break her fever so that she can sleep comfortably tonight.  I know I'm ready to crash, and it's not even 8:00! TK


Pam's Poppin Pastels said...

Yeah! So glad they got there on time and they got them in her! She is a pistol, so much like Holly was when she was Becca's age! She was just having a great laugh listening to me read your post out loud! That's probably why she loves your grls so much! I hope you all get some much needed sleep tonight.
Peace & Prayers
The Dickert's

mlittle said...

What a day! I am so glad for you all. I know it has to be hard to watch and deal with, but what an awesome fighter you have! It is great to read about her determination. Keep going!

Cindy Fackler said...

It's that fighting spirit that has carried her this far in her journey of healing :) Praying for those cells to restore her marrow to perfect health!

Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick said...

We are sending lots of prayers for Becca and for you two! So glad to hear the transplant happened and that she could rest, (after a little help!) We hoppe she will wake up and her fever will be gone.

Love, Aunt Lou, Uncle Rick, Rachel & Ricky. XOXO

Timmiera said...

Glad that the BM got settled in. Sorry you had to endure the craziness that went along with it. As many have said, that "fight" Becca has is exactly what pushes her through. Keep your chin up and say what you want.
On a side note... I heard of MANY people wearing there Becca Believer shirts yesterday. I washed mine and am wearing it again today. Who knows, maybe I'll keep it on for the weekend sending all the positive I can muster up!
Love and Light,

Colleen Berlinger said...

Praying all is well....and the BM is doing it's job for Becca!