A nice reprieve, but cut short

Since my last blog post (you know, the really uncharacteristically negative one - sorry about that!), our family has taken a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, played with cousins in the Chicago area (thanks Maria, Matt, and kids!), traveled over 2,000 miles by car, fished on several Michigan lakes and rivers, played at a few beaches and playgrounds, cruised around Lake Michigamme on a pontoon, picked eight quarts of strawberries (and attempted to pick wild blueberries), made 36 jars of delicious strawberry jam, hiked, collected buckets full of beautiful rocks, eaten Jilbert's ice cream next to the big fiberglass cow, shopped for cheesy UP souvenirs, visited a Michigan fish hatchery and iron industry museum, celebrated Becca's birthday three times, spent the day at both sets of grandparents' houses, seen Madagascar 3 at the movie theater, gone shopping, participated in multiple other little things.  Though these might seem like small and inconsequential activities to some of you, these are some of the things we have only been able to do since being "free" from the hospital. We have soaked them up, relishing the time with all four of us together, knowing that what we are facing in the coming weeks is going to take all of the strength we have. 

We have returned from our 10-day escape to the UP, and after Becca's first fun-filled "friend" birthday party at our house Thursday with a dozen little adorable princesses, we landed back on A5S Friday around 1pm due to a fever. We were scheduled to be admitted on Monday around 11:30, so this is an unwelcome early admission.  Ethan, Becca, and I all cried like babies yesterday when she spiked the fever and we realized this would be the last time at home for a LONG time.  I'm sitting under the horrible blowing vent (those who have stayed here know exactly which vent I'm talking about) writing this update right now.

So far, all of the blood cultures are negative, and Becca has been fever-free since 4pm yesterday.  The docs ordered Zosyn and new (to Becca) antibiotic that is an alternative to Vancomycin that is easier on the kidneys.  Becca had a repeat GFR on Tuesday, and though there was an improvement in her kidney function, she definitely still has damage, so we appreciate them using this other antibiotic.  She also had a full-body CT on Wednesday, and the doctors said everything looked fine.

Becca was on heavy fluids overnight (translation: she/I was up every hour to go to the bathroom), but they have discontinued them today.  Though she now has a stuffy nose, I have convinced them to not do a nasal swab yet or go looking for some type of infection.  In my "expert opinion," she picked up a cold/virus from either the hospital visits on Tuesday or Wednesday or from one of the princesses at our house Thursday.  Because her IgG level was relatively low the last time they checked it on June 20, tonight they will give Becca IVIG to boost her antibodies prior to the bone marrow prep. If she happens to have a virus, it will help with that, too.

So, the bottom line is that we are here on A5S until Monday, when we will move over to A5N (the BMT unit).  I'm looking at the positive side... at least we get to be with the folks we know and love on A5S for a couple more days before being thrown into a whole new environment with more restrictions and people who don't know Becca or us.  Also, it's a good thing Becca got the fever on Friday, when the clinic was still open, so that we didn't need to come in through the ED. Finally, Lily is having fun in Michigan (again) with her cousins, Uncle Jon and Aunt Renee, and Nanna B. and Poppa, rather than being shuffled around while we are inpatient.  Again, thanks for all of the prayers and positive thoughts for Becca and the rest of us... they are helping to lift us up and carry us through!  

 Birthday celebration at Nanna B. & Poppa's house

 Snuggling with third cousin Emma

We love the manatees at the zoo 

Fishing lessons with Daddy on Lake Michigamme 

 The Falls River - a great picnic spot

 We found tons of beautiful rocks at Presque Isle on Lake Superior

Typical pic on "the rock" with a blooming Lily 

Kniskern totem pole 

 Cabin cuddle bugs

 The birthday girl, ready for the day

 Presque Isle breakwall - a lot less smoky than last year

 Blowing out candles on the Tangled cake

Princesses Becca and Avery


Momto3awesomekids said...

Thank you for the update & sharing the gorgeous pictures. I pray & think of Becca & all of you each day.

Supurrkitten said...

Hi, Trisha, it's Trisha. I loved your post and all the pics. She is a beautiful girl. I loved the pic of her and lily in the cabin sleepin'. I am so glad you got to go on our vaca. I think I would be guilty of trying to squeeze in every little thing into the "out of hospital time" I could if I were you. I think about you guys and Becca all the time. I talk about her to Wolfgang (my 4 yo) I wish they could meet. I am sure he is a little plauge carrier though, LOL. I cannot tell you how much I admire you. You are a great Mama and your girls are so lucky to have you and your husband. He seems to be a great guy fom his posts. I hope and pray you get to have Becca home again soon. I know you have a lot ahead of you and so does Becca,though. I only hope you get to get out from under the vent, literally and figuritively soon. ((((HUGS))) to you and Becca both ;-)

Timmiera said...

Love the smile on the girls' faces. You can tell they had a great time in the UP. Sorry it was cut short. Love and light is always coming your way. I will contact you soon to see what yummy dinner I can bring you and Ethan.

Natalie said...

Thinking of you all as you take this next step!