Back in the box

Well we knew that we were going back but that knowledge did not make it much easier.  We returned to the hospital this morning and jumped right back into the fire.  Becca began her day in the O.R. with a lumbar puncture with cytarabine and will be getting more chemo later today.  This round, her chemo is over 8 days as opposed to the previous 10 day cycle but we will be in for about 4 weeks as she recovers.  Rarely have we seen the expected admission shorter than anticipated but certainly have seen it extended.  Becca is feeling great and we are not in contact isolation currently which means that we are able to go the playroom and wander around more than our last stay.

One thing that I took for granted from the start of this is that we would find a match.  A couple of weeks ago I was told that we did indeed find several.  This is without a doubt great news, and although I am hugely grateful I was not all that surprised based on what we told by the BMT folks in the beginning.  All good right?...well I had neglected to tell Trisha because I unconsciously assumed that she had the same feeling about the likelihood of finding a 10/10 match with the KIR mismatch.  So Trisha was kind enough to take some time out of her morning to punch me in the gut a few times between repetitions of, "I can't believe you didn't tell me."  This was all done with love and humor...I think.

One new thing for us here at the hospital is our Hospitalist.  This role appears to be mostly focused on taking some of the duties from the attendings and fellows.  If I were Ambrose Bierce I would describe this position as a doctor that is most noteworthy as an additional line on a itemized bill.  No matter, it is really just monopoly money anyway.  We received a statement last week that covered a 5-day segment of our stay with a bottom number of  $195,000  I told them to have it sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. EK

On the way to our "last supper" as a family at home


Supurrkitten said...

Sitting at the bottom of tower A with my lil one sending up good vibes to you and your lil one. Please know we keep you and your family in our thoughts. It has been a long time since we have seen each other but I still think of you as a friend. You are a great mama and seem to have a wonderful partner and two brave lil ladies. I hope today goes well for Becca and you are home soon. Didn't think visiting today was a good idea, especially with a 3 month old :-)

Momto3awesomekids said...

I'm speechless at that bottom line...I do however very much enjoy your response. Sending up prayers & thinking of you all each day.