What a weekend

Becca has been glowing since getting in the car to come home Saturday morning, and not from the chemo. She is so freaking happy that she makes everyone around her feel like they are walking on air. She is so much physically stronger than we thought possible. She is staying on her feet and walking alomost all day.  Though she gets pretty stiff after she takes a break, she loosens up in no time.//

We spent Saturday night making cookies, eating fish sticks and tater tots, and watching Laurence Welk on TV. The girls love the darn show; it is amazing what they choose to watch when you get rid of cable and dish. We mostly watch PBS, if anything now.  Why did we not do this sooner?!//
First night at home with pillows courtesy of the Dunn family - thanks!

Last night, we had most of my family out and had a nice little meal of carnitas with your choice of cumin roasted pulled pork or braised beef tongue, all with a fresh guacamole. The tongue was very impressive, tender and succulent; who would not love the food that tastes you back. We followed it up with a camp fire and s'mores.//

Thanks to the J.F.Burns PTO and the Book Blog Club for putting on a lemonade stand during their Laps for Literacy on Friday.  Becca, Trisha, and I surprised Lily in the afternoon when Becca had a four-hour pass from the hospital.  She REALLY wanted some lemonade, and she was such a celebrity when we arrived at her school.//

Thanks to Kami B. and LaRosa's for arranging the fundraiser for our family that is taking place this Wednesday, the 23rd from 4-9 PM at the Landen LaRosa's on 22&3. We are planning on being there around 6ish and will hang out as long as we can. LaRosa's is donating 20% of the proceeds to us from 4-9 for dine in, carry out, or delivery. It says that you must present the flyer to the server, cashier, or driver. Please come one and all and join us; we will have some flyers at our home and will bring some to the restaurant as well. If you are an organization or business that would like to make a large lunch order during the day, they will honor it if you mention Becca's fundraiser.//

More big thanks to J.F. Burns and Katina Peters and Hoxworth for hosting the blood drive at J.F. Burns Elementary this Friday the 25th from 10-4. I must admit that I am not very brave when it comes to needles (or hornets and wasps, since I am confessing) but I AM going to go donate Friday. I really would have donated sooner but I was afraid of being too weak while staying with Becca, and I needed to clean the house, wash my hair, and organize the DVDs. So I WILL donate this Friday, unless of course it is raining or too hot outside. To schedule an appointment, visit:  www.hoxworth.org/groups/jfburns . There is also a blood drive at Loveland Christian Church on Lebanon Rd. this Thursday arranged by Cindy F. from Loveland Schools.//

Trisha is overwhelmed by the number of thank you notes she feels like she needs to write. This is in most ways a very good position to be in. The amount of love and caring from everyone has touched our family more than you will ever know and more than we could ever express in a short note. Those of you that have Trisha's contact info, please shoot her a note, or post to this site, releasing her from her self-imposed obligation of responding to everyone. She is going to beat the tar out of me for writing this, but I hate to see her beating herself up for feeling like she is letting people down by not quickly responding individually to everyone with our sincere gratitude.


Jeannette said...

Ethan....We hope that Becca has gotten to enjoy the Barbies that Marie picked out for her, but we would NEVER expect a thank you note! I'm sure others wouldn't either! So glad to see that you guys are home for now! We are send our prayers! Miss you at Shaker, but we are glad you get to be with your sweet Becca!
The Stidham's

Renee and Jon said...

Being with you all yesterday/last night was the biggest blessing for us! I'm in awe of Becca's strength, especially given what she has been through. I am praying for Trisha to release the burden of doing thank you notes - as I told her last night. Love you Trisha!! Thank you for having us out and for the amazing grub...loved every minute.

Hope today went well and BTW, eat more protein on Thur than normal - I think it made a huge difference and I had absolutely no side effects from giving blood at the Butterfly Walk!
Love you all to pieces.

Timmiera said...

Amazing Post Ethan!!!
Love the support and fun everyone is having while helping out your VERY wonderful family! So glad you have a great weekend with family. Great food (not too sure about the "food that tastes you back"), Great company and Great memories!
Keep the pictures coming. Nothing re-charges ones batteries like an amazing smile!
Love and Light,

Unknown said...

Trisha, the best thanks you can provide is to use all of your "free" time to take care of your self in addition to the other duties in your life. Your whole family needs you to be in top form during this challenge. Go for a walk, go to the gym, take a nap. You need to train for the long haul ahead. Laurel