Trisha and I had a nice afternoon and evening yesterday, as Trisha's mother stayed at the hospital. We were able to both get a massage and then get a Lily for the night! I made a nice little meal, on request, of seared walleye and sea scallops with an avocado and citrus relish, toasted basmati rice, and fresh corn, washed down with a nice bottle of riesling. All in all, a good night topped off by getting to go outside and throw a ball with Lily.// Becca has gotten a couple of fevers over the past 48 hours, which means she is getting the "water boarding" (aka sinus washout). Bummer... that is not going to be fun, but at least she will not be awake for it. She continues to need lots of platelets, and they are going to be packing her full of them prior to the procedure to help control any possible bleeding. Remember Hoxworth Loves You The main thing she is not going to like is that it is scheduled for 2:00pm, which means nothing to eat or drink all day. You can offer her food and drink all day and she won't touch a thing; tell her she is not allowed to eat or drink, and suddenly she is famished, parched, and ticked. Ghandi she is not.// We were able to get out of the room for a while today for some PT and OT work in the gym. It was great... she is much stronger than she thought she was. It was really a pleasure watching her on the swing...until....OOPS! Her line got caught on the corner of the matting below the swing and ripped off one side of her central line. This is NOT a good thing to happen at all. All the time when she had a line in the past, we did not leave the house without a pair of hemostats in our pocket, just in case. Fortunately, the oops did not pull at the stitching in her chest, thanks to an adhesive clip and good engineering that allowed it to break off right at the joint of the two lumens. It was several moments of panic as the OT (who is really wonderful and felt terrible) scrambled to get some help and stop the leaking. I was able to find the clamp from the broken line and work it on above the branch to get it pinched off. Effective, but not pretty. Becca hardly noticed anything wrong until she saw the look on my face and a little bit of blood; then she was pretty worked up and scared. The best part of the bad situation is that the line was able to be repaired without going back to the OR to get a new C-line put in and the old one removed. I just hope that my nonsterile clamp job does not cause an infection. Never a dull moment...// P.S. The Mamma Mia! folks ended up cancelling their visit. Evidently, the entire cast is passing a bug around. I guess the show must not ALWAYS go on. It was a nice thought, and a big thanks to our good friend Kara for arranging it. EK

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Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick said...

Dear Becca,

After my 1st Communion, do you want my hair? I have been growing it long and would love to give it to you. Let us know and we will see if it can be made into a wig for you. We're not sure if it is long enough yet.

We are praying for you to get better soon!

Love, Rachel