Mother's Day

Becca was looking forward to Mother's Day all week, because she had made me a surprise on Wednesday, which she hid somewhere in her room.  Though she mirrors her daddy in many ways, unlike Ethan, she can actually restrain herself from giving gifts until the special day they are due.  So... first thing Sunday morning, Becca's head popped up, and her sweet voice intoned "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!"  She then pointed to the shelf over our desk so that I could retrieve the beautiful card she made earlier this week (see above).

Becca spent the morning Saturday with Nanna B, which allowed Ethan to attend the Butterfly Walk with Lily, me, approximately 90 Becca's Believers :), and thousands of others to support childhood cancer research.  It was an emotionally-charged, yet simply amazing day.  We finally had perfect weather, too.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who supported our team by registering, attending, or donating to CancerFree KIDS!    Great job to the many team members who ran the 5K and Junior Jog, too... some even won prizes.  I surely admire those runners (as my girls will tell you, I only run when someone is chasing me).  Special kudos to those team members who were also fundraisers... you helped to put us way over our goal, and we even came in as the third highest fundraising team with more than $3,645!  I loved what one of the women who spoke at the event said (well, it went something like this): "Wouldn't it be great if someday our kids will only know about cancer because they are reading about it in their history books?!"  That WOULD be something!!!

Unfortunately, shortly after I arrived at the hospital with Becca Saturday after the walk, a fever showed up, too.  She had been without fever for a good week and a half, so this was a shocking blow.  Of course, all of the blood cultures had to be sent, then the viral and fungal studies, too.  Ugh!  Today she woke up to a pokey (peripheral IV) being started so that they could put in contrast and do a full CT scan at 9am.  Luckily, nothing showed up, but the doctors want to rule out fungal infections, since she is likely covered for bacterial infections with her meds.  They are going to switch things up a bit, as she has been on the same antibiotics for a long time (last I heard, she was on day 35 of Vancomycin - wow!), and her body can become resistant to antibiotics.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Becca is scheduled to go to the OR for a Bone Marrow Aspiration to check for leukemia cells in her marrow.  I keep thinking, "No blasts, no blasts, NO blasts," reminding me of the old game show Press Your Luck, where contestants yelled, "No whammies, no whammies, NO whammies."  Please pray along with me that she has no blasts, and that her counts are not coming up simply because her bone marrow is wiped out, and not because the blasts have taken over. I'm planning to wear my Becca's Believers shirt tomorrow in hopes that it is good luck.  Feel free to join me in praying for no blasts, no blasts, NO blasts (and wearing your t-shirt, if your laundry schedule allows).

Many of you have asked when Becca will be able to come home...  That's a difficult question to answer.  If the leukemia cells have indeed invaded her marrow, the doctors will likely start up with chemo again, which means no break.  If no blasts are found, they will give Becca another week and then check her bone marrow again.  The goal is to let her recover before starting chemo again,  but if the cancer cells have a mind of their own and are taking over, they'll need to push forward with treatment.

We are still waiting on news from the Bone Marrow Transplant folks to know the likelihood of finding a match for Becca.  I feel like we should have already heard something, as they promised us that we would hear preliminary numbers ten days after "signing on the line" with them for the clinical study.  I'll ask about that tomorrow when I am there during normal business hours.

As far as how Becca looks... I think she looks fabulous.  Her coloring is good, her lips are pink (which Dr. Adams was absolutely thrilled about last week), she is beautifully bald, and most of her bruises and wounds from IVs are finally starting to heal.  Becca is smiling, giggling (oftentimes uncontrollably), full of energy, and very pleasant, despite the things they are doing to her.  I am inspired by her strength and her ability to keep her spirits up, even though she is stuck in a tiny room while others get to go about their lives outside the four well-decorated walls she sees.  This morning our phone conversation started like this...
Me: "Good morning, Becca Boo!  How are you?"
Becca: "Good morning, Mommy!  I got a pokey (with no whining or tears in her voice at all)."
Me: "Oh, I'm so sorry you had to get a pokey, Sweet Pea."
Becca: "It's okay, Mommy (in a matter-of-fact, if not comforting way). It's okay."

Oh, I need to send out another heartfelt thank you to those people who have so generously donated their blood at one of the blood drives (thank you Loveland and Kings Schools!, as well as the Butterfly Walk) or on separate occasions at Hoxworth as individual donors.  I know it's not easy to do, especially for those of you who are afraid of needles or who have never donated before, but it is literally SAVING HER LIFE!  Becca's body has been chewing up platelets constantly, and she's been receiving them every other day (at least) as well as packed red blood cells every few days.  If you haven't donated recently and are healthy, please consider giving this gift... kids like Becca can really benefit from your healthy blood.

I will close with a few pics to hopefully brighten your day...

And finally, a short video clip...


Momto3awesomekids said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for the update and for sharing so much of yourselves. It was good to see you at the walk. I'll join you in praying today & every day.

Sarah Ninnemann said...

Sending prayers your way today and every day.

linda said...

thanks for the update. PLEASE no blasts!!! you all are constantly in our thoughts and hearts. love the video clip & the photos...so sweet. love & hugs to you all. --linda