Loving the Gifts

Outside of some seemingly random puking and belly pain, Becca is looking and feeling very good.  Her counts continue to be at zero.   We are hoping to get out in a week or two for a bit of a break as a whole family if her immune system recovers in time.  As Becca continues to feel better, she is really starting to enjoy all the goodies folks have sent to her; they greatly ease the boredom and bring out lots of smiles.

She has adjusted to having a shaved head and all the little hairs are falling out easily now.  Becca liked the idea we came up with... to scatter her locks around in our yard for all the birds, bunnies, and mice to make soft beds and nests for their babies.  Lily and Trisha did this last week to Becca's great pleasure; she is waiting for a report as to if her hair is still in the grass.

Shaker Run Golf Club is going to be doing a golf outing/scramble for Becca on Sunday, June 24, in the afternoon.  Any golfer interested can contact the proshop at 513.727.0007.  I do not have any more information regarding specific times or cost at the moment, but will get that out as soon as I know.

Also a big thanks for the overwhelming support of Becca's Believers and CancerFree KIDS in the Butterfly Walk coming up next Saturday, May 12.  I am not sure if I will be able to make it, but it is still worth going even without me being present.  It really is a great deal of fun for everyone.  Let's hope for sunny warmth this year!  

 Thanks to Becca's show choir friends for the cool Minnie ears with tiara and veil!
Becca's self-portrait... everybody is right, she does look like Daddy


pam's poppinpastels said...

So glad things seem to be sorta "calm" for you guys today. What a fabulous idea with Becca's locks! Tell Becca we positively LOVE her mouse ears and veil, its a wonderful fashion accessory for the season!
Peace and prayers
The Dickert's

Timmiera said...

Love the smile on her face! So glad to hear an outing in the near future is upon you. Took the girls to see Mama Mia today and we dedicated the crazy singing and dancing (ours)at the end to Becca. I showed them the clip of Becca singing and they loved it.
Love and Light,

Kim Coppoolse said...

Hi, this is Mrs. Kim, Becca's teacher from MCCP. I have a gift for her and would like to get it to her. I saw that she is a fan of ABBA, so I contacted the Aronoff to see if I could get the cast from Momma Mia to sign a souvenir program for her. They mailed it to me and I would love to get it to her. I will be at the Butterfly Walk on Sat. if someone can get it to her. My e-mail is kimcoppoolse@gmail.com. All my love to her!