6 donut gems, a bag of Cheetos, and orange pop

 Yes... that was what Becca inhaled after waking up from the anesthesia following her nasal washout procedure today.  She kept telling everyone she was hungry and "starving," so as soon as she was given the "go ahead" by the PACU nurse, she proceeded to shove one chocolate donut after another into her mouth, until she had eaten all six in a matter of about ten minutes.  She quickly followed that with a bag of Cheetos and a few ounces of Fanta.  Amazing, considering this little one who cannot even take a bite of her peanut butter sandwich during her 20 minute lunch at school because she "doesn't have time..."

The ENT doctor (crazy that it was the same doc that did Lily's tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy and was scheduled to do Becca's at the beginning of April) said the procedure went well.  They cleaned out her nasal passages and sucked out the mucous, sending some to the lab for cultures.  All was clear... not the green or yellow color of infection, and she didn't bleed more than a few drops.  We were relieved that she didn't need a transfusion, as they had prepared us that she might.

The hardest part of the whole procedure for Becca was the peripheral line that she found in her right forearm upon waking.  She was quite ticked off (to say the least), and I could hear it as I approached the recovery room.  Luckily, the PACU nurse got the dressing and IV out very quickly, and Becca got a little sidetracked by the eating I mentioned above.

Before the procedure, we concentrated on arts and crafts and other activities to distract her from the fact that she wasn't able to eat or drink all day.  The rest of the day since her OR time has been spent recovering from the insult of being poked again and made to go to sleep with Propofol.  She has never liked the feeling the white, milky drug gives her, and today was no different.

So far, so good tonight... no fever, not congested, a full tummy, good numbers on the monitors, and asleep at a decent hour. Life is good!

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