5/1 morning

Sorry I have not written in couple days; afternoons have been a lot more full now that Becca is feeling better. It is hard to write much when the DVD needs to be changed every fifteen minutes. "I find television very educational. Everytime someone turns one on, I go read a book." Groucho Marx.

Becca had a very emotionally charged make-over with Daddy, as her hair began to fail we talked about it and decided to shave it off. Her body pretty much began ignoring it, and it would become felted into a mat on the back of her head because it was so dry and scaled. It was also covering her pillow and getting into her mouth and eyes. She really does miss her hair; yesterday was pretty rough. Every hour or so she would sob, wishing she had her own hair again. The good news is that she is absolutely beautiful bald. I try not comment about how similar we look, but it is hard not to notice. Though she certainly does not look like a boy, it is on her mind. If anyone comes to visit, please don't mention that she got her lovely head, long eyelashes, perfect ears, and big brown eyes from her Daddy.

She has had some tummy aches and has recently developed a nagging cough. Being on a cancer ward, you are not allowed to have either without getting a list of tests on your bodily fluids, an ultra-sound of the abdomen, and talk of a sinus lavage and another CT. Sinus lavage is a bit like water boarding except you are sedated, and the person doing it is wearing white. Many of her treatments are essentially enhanced interrogation, just itemized as something therapeutic. But truly, the people caring for her here are really great. It is obvious that even the most seasoned attending gets emotionally attached to their patients and deeply cares about their comfort. We have seen many of her Docs tear up with the arrival of some good news.

Trisha and Lily are coming over tomorrow. Lily is getting to play hookey for the morning, a perk of getting all A's in her classes. KLSD, especially JFB and the PTO, has been very understanding and supportive of the situation. If I were to thank everyone and every group that has been understanding and supportive, I would be writing for a hundred years, but please know we are extremely grateful. EK


Unknown said...

Good morning! We are very happy to hear that some fun is taking place in A5S. It's funny you mention Groucho Marx. We were talking with a friend of ours last week who mentioned a gentleman named Norman Cousins. Apparently, he had a debilitating disease in the 1940s and didn't want people to feel sorry for him. If anyone came to visit, they had to bring a Groucho Marx movie for them to watch together. He would laugh uncontrollably and he believes his own laughter cured his disease. He lived well in to his 80s. He writes about in his book "Anatomy of an Illness".
Have fun...and some laughs...as a family! You are the best!

Nancy and Bill

Timmiera said...

Yea for happy times together! So glad that Lily gets to visit tomorrow. I know that the girls really miss each other. As for beautiful, bald heads and gorgeous eyelashes, it's hard not to comment in a positive way. You and Trisha make beautiful babies! Before we know it I predict Becca's hair will return in long and luscious curls.
Thanks for the update! Enjoy your family time together.
Love and Light,

Jen said...

Hello Kniskern family,

I wanted to come clean, I am following the blog religiously but have also been speaking regularly with many of the docs. You are spot on when you say that Becca has captured their hearts. It does not surprise me at all as she has had mine for many years. I continue to send my very best wishes from Charlotte. Also, I will be back in Cinci in a month and would love to visit if the timing works for you and your family.

Dr. Pope

HeatherH said...

Hello! In big and little ways, we are all rooting for Becca! My daughter Kirienne, who's in class with Lily, helped my husband pick out some "Becca Bribes" that we'll get to you whenever and however it will work best for you. We applaud your family and your extended family and friends for the strength and optimism and fearlessness you demonstrate. There must be thousands of us out here cheering you on. I'm so sorry she feels bad about her hair - I'm sure she's absolutely beautiful. I actually was a little sad when my daughter started growing hair because I missed that little head. Hopefully you can help her see that it's a rare treat for a parent to get to see that precious head again after all this time. Blessings to you all!