Yay for cookies!

Becca ate a cookie today!  I don't think I've ever been so excited for her to eat such a food, but when your child hasn't eaten in almost a week, the doctors start discussing putting in an NG tube, and she starts to show interest in eating anything, you experience a little bit of hope.  I SO needed this after such a long night.  Becca was up every half hour to forty-five minutes (as was I) as a result of the lasix emptying her body of extra fluids, pain, fever, thirst (yay!), the need for oxygen, nebulizer treatments, and constant beeping of her leads for heartrate, respiration, and pulseox.  We sure needed a nap today!

Her labs showed that the platelets she got yesterday did not take again, which means her body might be attacking them.  We are still awaiting news of a chromosomal breakage test so that we know how to proceed with her treatment, but so far we haven't gotten the results.  We expect them tomorrow, and hopefully we can start chemotherapy.

After taking an oral medication that she didn't want to take, Becca's eating a popsicle now and watching Chipwrecked, so all is good!  More news tomorrow...


Unknown said...

Hi Becca! We know a really good cookie bakery! When you are ready for some more, tell your mom to let us know and we will get some to you! You are very brave!

Nancy and Bill

Kelly Gilton said...

Becca and Family,

I don't know you, and started following your blog through Liz Lothrop's blog back in 2008. I am sad to hear of your news this time around, but I have asked my prayer team to continually send prayers for you and your family. I hope that the Chemo makes you feel better(as weird as that sounds). I know you all have a long road ahead, but my prayers will be with you every step of the way. Becca you are so brave!



Nancy said...

Trisha, we have a team of people praying and sending as many good wishes and hopes that are possible.
Hang in there, you can do it, and so can Becca.

Ron, Nancy Chris and Leisa