what to call it?

Well it is kind of like government spending, is a reduction in the rate of increase really a cut? So it was with Becca's breathing last night. She had been doing much better and was being challenged and pushed by the Docs tweaking her vent settings. Overnight she began to struggle with keeping her saturation up and a chest x-ray showed the she was derecruiting somewhat [collapse of the aveoli (little air sacs in the lungs)]. The PEEP pressure that I have mentioned in the past is what keeps those sacs open during exhalation in a kiddo that is struggling like Becca. For normal lungs, this is done by the ambient air pressure. So lowering her PEEP closer and closer to normal air pressure is necessary to get her off the vent, but every tick down gives her less support. So I will call this a slight and specific decrease in the gross rate of increase, she is still getting better, just a bit more slowly. It looks like the oncology folks are going to restart her chemo today or tomorrow. At first, it will just be the Hydroxy Urea... remember that compound from a hundred years ago when we were first admitted? Begin digression... admitted? Jeez it sounds like a red velvet rope barrier should be involved, digression over. The Oncology team is currently discussing how to proceed with her dosing, specifically whether or not to lighten the dosages and extend the time or to use the tried and true sledgehammer approach. A rise in her white blood cell count, that dropped so precipitously, has begun to come back up rapidly along with her ANC. The small gift that this timing may bring is that she may be sedated for the worst of the symptoms following the administration. Something that just popped into my mind...I really hope she does not wake up bald. Father's fears of failing follicles force foreboding flights of fancy. Sorry I just needed to get some "f-words" out.


Unknown said...

We see a book in your future, Ethan! We hope the small steps Becca's making become big steps on her road to recovery.

Nancy and Bill

Christine, Randy said...

Good Lord, that last rampage of f's were very difficult on my tongue :) Not only do we have to deal with the very technical words used in ICU and the names of chemo's, we also have to deal with tongue twisters of the f kind!

I am sorry that the cut in peeps are making things a bit more difficult for Becca. I will be praying for much better outcomes for her and all of you.
Remaining on my knees in prayer for all of you.
Christine Lothrop

Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick said...

Thank you for the updates. I'm sorry to hear Becca's struggling, but I like hearing she is still getting better. Sending prayers, Love, Aunt Lou

Timmiera said...

Thanks for the update. I'm glad they feel the chemo is a go and that she might be under for the side effects that follow. It could be a big blessing there. The "f" rant was perfect! I might use this in my alliteration instruction next week. Thanks for the idea!
Love and Light,