ummm sleep

We paid some of our sleep debt off last night it would have been uninterupted if Becca were not getting so many fluids. It was grand for us both, Becca was fever free all night long. Lily came to visit last night as Trisha and I met with the BMT folks. Dr. Grimley (kind of an unfortunate name for a Doc) is going to be our new primary Doc after we finish the chemothoerapy part of our cure, and enter his world of transplantation. We got a better idea of what to expect throught the BMT process, it goes something like this: finish chemotherapy (2-3 months), once in remission go through consolidation phase (about 1 month), go to BMT side of hospital and get oblative chemo where all Becca's bone marrow is destroyed forever (couple of weeks), get transplant and live at hospital while new marrow is stirictly observed and nurtured (3-4 months), assuming nothing bad has happened we go home under house arrest (6 months)and go to hospital 3x week for check-ups. We are hoping to have a good long string of quiet weeks ahead of us as her chemo cycle is done tomorrow night and nothing to major planned.


Unknown said...

Good morning. Thanks for the update, Ethan. Some positive news despite the hospital stays. We hope you get to go home for some short stays in between. At least it gives the guitarist some time to work on his Abba routines!

Nancy and Bill

Unknown said...

Quite the plan for the future. Hope it plays out as scheduled. Much love to all, Laurel