To catch you up (morning 4/15)...

Not much new yesterday...  From what we hear, we have a child that wakes up with a vengeance (yeah, like we didn't know THAT!).  Becca woke up four times overnight Friday, and she immediately tried to grab her ventilator tube with all the strength she had.  This was a scary sight to behold, and it happened a few more times during the day yesterday.  She was given platelets and Lasix in the morning yesterday, and she responded to the Lasix with a little over a liter of output. Her PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure) was weaned to 13 yesterday, and they increased her sedation to reduce the use of paralytics.  Everything is a balancing act... fluids and diuresis, waking and sedative, etc.  Any one change directly impacts another aspect of her treatment.

Her nice nurse last evening helped me to give her a "bath."  In her hospital bed, we lathered her up with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, washed her hair, and gave her a good washcloth rinse.  I was able to finally brush the back of her hair (she won't normally let me get to it), and the nurse overnight even braided her hair.  Her coloring looks good, and she smells like a baby... LOVE it!  I just wish I could rock her and hug her tightly to me.  I really miss that, as well as hearing her cute little voice.

Not much happened overnight, except for a little ventilator malfunction that freaked us out.  Becca only needed Roc (paralytic) twice overnight; once when the ventilator wasn't working, and the other time when they weighed her this morning.  Weighing her while she is under sedation is a big production in which they actually use a large sling-like contraption.  Kind of interesting to watch, but it reminds me of watching a marine biologist weigh a whale.

On rounds this morning, the team talked about again weaning Becca's PEEP today, giving her another dose of Lasix, yet keeping all of her antibiotics on board (four different ones plus an antifungal).  It's kind of shocking when they read back the orders for the day and give the full list of her medications!  They will try to cut her PEEP to 12 this morning, and if she tolerates it well (meaning her saturation recovers), they will try for 11 in 6-8 hours, and so on.  Dr. Wong (the ICU attending) said that they will not even think about extubating her until she is down to 5 or so.   Becca's got some work to do, but at least she's conserving some of her energy so that she has the lung strength to do this.

Dr. Adams (her oncologist from A5S who has been on rounds with us all week) is very pleased with how Becca is doing, considering where she is right now.  She told us that usually when patients end up in the ICU, they have a rough patch where they have lots of "other things" going on.  Becca's sole problem right now is ARDS and pulmonary issues related to it, but she isn't having renal, cardiac, or other system failures.  Her labs look pretty good with her hemoglobin holding, but she just can't hold on to her platelets.  She's been getting them each day, and a few more seem to be sticking each day.

On behalf of our entire family, I wanted to take a few sentences to send a HUGE thank you to so many of you wonderful angels out there!  We are overwhelmed to have received so much help with everything from providing a nurturing and loving home away from home for Lily, to cleaning our house, to bringing yummy food and good company down to us at the hospital, to furnishing an inordinate amount of bribes for Becca and fun items for Lily, to supplying numerous gift cards and financial support, but most importantly, all of the cards, thoughts, and prayers!  We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful support system, and I don't know how we would do this (again) without all of you.  You help to give us hope and make Becca's recovery seem possible.  THANK YOU!



Unknown said...

Good morning Trish, Ethan, Lily and Becca! Thank you so much for the update. The "baby fresh" smell of Becca radiated our kitchen when reading the blog. We continue to send you our good thoughts and prayers.

Nancy and Bill

Timmiera said...

This update has a ring of positivity to it! I love that! I agree with Nancy... "baby fresh" traveled through to us as well. Sit up on that bed and nuzzle her as best you can. She would love that too!
Love and light,

The Paeltz Family said...

Thanks for the frequent updates! We are glued to your blog waiting for new entries! Becca is such a strong, brave, fighter! Camden asks about Becca frequently, and prays for her at every meal and at bedtime (his ideas). You all are in our thoughts and prayers! Sandy Paeltz (Camden's mom)

pam's poppinpastels said...

So happy for the update! I've checked the blog so many times the past 24 hours! So glad to hear the positives that Becca has, we are praying she gets to a 5 quickly so you can hear her voice! We are thinking of you constantly and even though Holly's at UK she is working hard to raise donations for the Butterfly walk for "Becca's Believers". The perfect name for your team!
May peace and comfort be with you,
The Dickert family