Stoned to the bone

Ok watching a little girl off her rocker, high as a kite and stoned to the bone is pretty darn cute in some ways...till about 11:30 PM. At 1:00 AM it is much less entertaining. Something in the extensive list of drugs she is getting is really making her "Loopy loopy loopy, I'm so loopy hehehehheeehheeee" and wanting everything "FORrrr FREeeeeeee?" and initiating the subtle probe of "WHAT THE...???hehehee". I gave up trying to get her to sleep at about 1:30 and put on my head phones and went to bed. The nurse said she kept going till about 2:00. it is now 10:00 AM and she is still very much asleep, my sweet little rave girl. On a more clinical note, she had a fever outside of her Ara-C time frame which has spawned a new round of blood cultures and a trip to radiology tomorrow for a waist (or waste) up CT to look for fungal infections. All in all she is doing very well and responding to the chemo as expected/hoped. We are hopefull that she will get weaned from the steriods and narcotics without much trouble and get to her normal appearance again soon. She continues to chew through platelets and is also getting a unit of the red stuff as well. Time to wake up the party girl.


Kate Connerth said...

Ethan, after our hunting discussion, it was quite odd that I actually ran over a wild turkey on my way to work this morning! It ran right out in front of me on Shawnee Run Rd.

Timmiera said...

You need to do a little "loopy" video. It would be a good giggle to see! She is so stinking cute that I can only imagine how hard it is to not roar when this is going on. Love the improvements she is making.
Love and Light,
ps. I have a video series I am going to send home with Trisha this week or bring down to you this weekend. I know you are going to love it!

Anonymous said...

Trisha, Leah and I would love a Becca's Believers t-shirt. I will take a medium and Leah will take a YXL. I can just pick the shirts up at Loveland Elementary when they arrive. Can I pay then or do you need the money before hand? If so, I can mail you a check. Let me know. Glad to hear Becca is getting stronger each day. What a fighter!