Still looking up

Becca continues to rally; she is now on a normal canula at a low oxygen setting. Right now we are getting her out of bed about every fifteen minutes to pee, she just received her last dose of lasix this morning, and had her catheter removed overnight. Now that her A-line, peripheral IV, and her catheter have been removed, she has three fewer possible infection sites. If she continues on this track, we have a shot of going back to A5S tomorrow. Any one seeing her for the first time would gasp at the number of wires and lines running in and out of her, but she now seems greatly less encumbered to us, and we are grateful for the improvements. She is still not herself and is pretty down, but I did get a smile and laugh out of her as she dug her index finger into my ear canal yesterday. Great feeling to see her smile! Oh, and if you're wondering what her first words were after waking up... "You have blue hands" to Trisha, as she had blue gloves on, and later, "I'm NOT a princess," in response to a nurse that had told her, "Sorry, princess, we need to move you up." She just had an orange slushie (smooshed up popsicle in a cup), and she seemed to really enjoy it. After all, other than mouthcare, it's the first thing she's had to eat in about ten days. She's requesting Great Nana's cookies, so Trisha's grandma has a little work to do today. I spent Thursday evening with Lily and picked up a bug, presumably from her, and now must leave the hospital. I am going to stop at a "Doc in a box" (little clinic) to get checked out, though I am pretty sure it is just a mild virus. It is always something. Hopefully Trisha does not catch it as well. I am hoping I can get back here on Monday to resume Daddy Duty for Becca.

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Timmiera said...

So glad to hear that Becca continues to make great healthy strides. Peeing is so very important!!! :-) Sorry you're not feeling so well Ethan. Yucky stuff stinks! Get some rest and take care of yourself. Let me know if you need some soup!
Thanks for the update.
Love and Light,