SO close

We have a major sleep debt to pay. Becca woke at about 3:30 in the morning and battled fever till about 10:00AM. She is fever free for the moment, it seems to start every 12 hours between 3:00 and 5:00. I am thinking has something to do with the Ara-C she gets at 11:00. Other that the fevers she is doing great, but man do the super high fevers really flatten her. We recieved a copy of the HLA test results. They were not what we were originally told. It turns out that both Trisha and me are both a 9/10 match to Becca. That does not make us a cantidate, they want and expect to find a 10/10 match. Lily was only about a 8/10. What was very interesting is that hubby and wifey were a 9/10 match to eachother? Only one little protein on the 6th chromosome was different. There has been a fair amount of interesting research done on this part of the 6th. The "stuff" on the 6th chromosome seems to play a part in mate selection in a scent(ual) way. Oddly it seems that women prefer the scent of men that have less "stuff" in common with themselves. It also seems that men did not warrent any study of preference, I suppose it would give data similar to asking the question "who likes pizza?" to a frat house. Despite the odor of being a 9/10 HLA match I must have done something right.


Renee and Jon said...

That is fascinating on so many levels...Will pray for a perfect match for Becca. Hope her fever does not return and you all can get a good night's rest. Love to you all!

Timmiera said...

Giggling about scents here! Putting it out there for a 10/10 match as well as a fever free good nights sleep!
Love and light,