rough night

So a pretty crappy night. O2 would not stay up with out significant support. Fever was stubborn and never dropped below about 102. She became more comfortable and stable and narrowly avoided being taken to ICU for more individualized monitoring.
This morning things are pretty much the same. Her creatinine levels were up, indicating struggling kidneys. She was scheduled, since cancelled, for a full CT this morning because the contrast needed for the procedure is hard on the kidneys and she is already getting a pretty wide variety of necessary drugs. The Docs have opted for an ultra-sound for her abdomen and will wait for a CT for the upper body and head. The likelihood that the search for the infection source and its treatment will delay the start of her first real chemo cycle.
We are debating whether or not to allow Lily to see her Sis so down and despondent. The probability that Becca will look and feel much worse at times in the coming months is pretty darn high, but we are concerned that it might be unnecessarily scary for Lily right at the beginning.

We have put my brother on the search for a very efficient and easy way for the girls to video chat. We are leaning toward getting a pair of ipad2. Both the girls know how to use them effortlessly and the newer models unlike our originals have the software and camera built it. That is not a request for assistance, just what is on my mind.

Those of you who pray to a god or power (without using a compass) please do not forget to include Lily. This is going to be very difficult for her as well.


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Sorry, still trying to figure out the comments! Just wanted you to know I am praying for you all!

Timmiera said...

Ethan, in response to your comment regarding video chat. I wanted you and Trisha to know that her "family" at L.E.S. and L.P.S. are purchasing an ipad for Becca. I didn't want to give the secret away but didn't want you to go and purchase 2 when 1 of them has already been taken care of. Love and prayers to you and yours.
Timmiera Lawrence

Timmiera said...

Oh, we also collected a ton of "bribes" for her and Lily as well. I plan to drop them off to you sometime next Saturday (14th).