No news is good news

Ethan here. The following is a draft that Trisha began some time ago and though it does not address our current situation is does offer a glimpse of how our world has again been turned on its head.

Well, it has been since August that Becca's blog was updated, and that should tell you that things have been going pretty well. If you'll notice past blog posts, the more frequently I updated, the worse things were.

*By the way, the blog posts will now be in Trisha's voice, as I no longer have the energy or creativity to write from Becca's point of view. Sorry!

We've had our share of bad luck with Becca's health this school year, but nothing to really warrant a chain of blog posts. To catch you up in a nutshell:

  • Becca's now in Kindergarten and loves school and her teacher
  • She is learning to read and write, and she's oh-so-excited about it
  • She is still the puzzle queen of her family
  • Becca did Soccer Shots in the fall and a little cheerleading with Upwards over the winter
  • She was supposed to have her tonsils out next week, since she has had strep throat five times (in three months!)
  • Three instances of croup this year have caused her to miss even more school

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