Moving Day!

Overall, Becca had a good day yesterday.  She ate 3.5 popsicles in slushie form, played a little with Nana and Papa (and even giggled and smiled a bit), then took a four-hour nap in the afternoon.  She's still having trouble hanging on to those platelets, so she received another set, as well as some packed red blood cells in the evening.  She spiked a fever during the transfusion, despite the Tylenol as a pre-medication.

Unfortunately, Becca felt nauseous and very sad in the late afternoon, and after vomiting, she didn't want any more popsicles.  She kept stroking the picture of Lily and tearing up.  She wanted to hear Lily's voice, so we called around dinner time to talk.  This is so difficult emotionally on all of us, but especially the girls who are so close.  I struggle to see her furrowed brow and tears, and I just want to pick her up, hug her, and tell her it's going to be okay...

Even with all of the sedatives, Becca didn't go to sleep until around 2am.  During those hours that she was wide awake, she kept the nurse on her toes by pushing the nurse button over and over, in addition to waking me up by turning the lights on and off with the button on her bed.  One time, I woke up to her standing next to her bed, which honestly freaked me out.  With all of the wires and tubes, I was shocked that she was able to get up on her own.  That girl certainly cannot be kept down!

This morning, she was again febrile, but we got the good news that we will be able to move back to A5S today (if they have a bed available)!  Becca's getting platelets right now, as she was quite low again.  Her WBC were at .3, and her ANC was at .01.  That chemo is sure working!  She's interested in eating, too, and her diet this morning consisted of the following:

  • half a can of Sprite (lemon pop)
  • a Keebler Jumbo Fudge Stick
  • sips of a Capri Sun Roarin' Water
  • a marshmallow PEEP
She's requesting chicken fingers and French fries, so once the NPO order is lifted, we will get those delivered.  It's so nice to see her up, playing with a Squinkie castle and some Tiana Polly Pockets (thanks Uncle Rick and Aunt Louisa), and eating and drinking.  They just turned down her oxygen from 3 to 2, and now to 1, and she's still hanging in the upper 90s for her pulseox.  

Ethan's heading back midday today - he had strep, which oddly coincided with the opening of spring turkey season.  Hmmm...  Lily is sick, too, and we think she may have been the culprit that passed the strep along to Ethan.  Please continue to pray for health, strength, and good news for our family... I think the prayers are working!


Renee and Jon said...

You will most definitely need a nap today! I'm so grateful to hear that she is hungry and that her lungs have recovered and healed so nicely! We continue to lift up Lily and Becca (and you & E) in prayers. Avery was teary last night praying for all of you. She prayed for strength, courage and that God would take away all of the leukemia cells (out of the mouth of babes). Love to you all! Renee

D'Barrett said...

It sounds like Becca is on the same diet I am.....chocolate and sugar and french fries! YES!!!!

If you have any ideas on how we all can help boost Becca's spirits, please let us know.....we'll do anything!!!!!

Betsy said...

Hi I am Betsy Thrush. My daughter Elle was on Becca's cheerleading team. We just got a message from the coach about Becca. Becca and your family is in all our prayers. We would love to send some videos to let the girls say Hi to Becca. (I figure Becca is not allowed visitors at this point) Also let me know if we can send actual cards and items. When it is convenient for you if you would email me at betsythrsh@gmail.com. Just let me know the best email address to send videos to and also a physical address that we can send cards too. Do you all need help with meals or anything? We are willing to help in any way possible.

Timmiera said...

So glad she continues to "stride"! Glad Ethan and Lily are on the mend as well. Sounds like once you move rooms a skype or face time visit for the girls is in order. It is so sweet how they love and miss one another. Difficult to see I'm sure but oh, so sweet.
Great vibes and sunshine continue to all of you!
Love and Light,

Unknown said...

It's hard to keep a good girl down! We hope you can settle into
A5S until it's time to go home. Dairy Queen has some really tasty frozen lemonade! We recommend the strawberry!

Nancy and Bill

bwilcher said...

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. If you need anything at all even just someone to talk to, you can email me bwilcher24@yahoo.com. Taylor(from cheer) sends a hug for Becca! She will come see her when she is up for visitors to play a board game or something.

The Wilcher's
(Todd, Beth, Taylor, & Kelsey)

Momto3awesomekids said...

Continued prayers!!!