morning 4/11

So...we have still not gotten the results of the test we have been waiting for. The only upside to the delay is that the immense weight we feel upon us we are accostomed to. Today that weight increases as the results are expected and the chemo will certainly begin. Renee Kniskern unsolicitedly brought us a nice lunch from a great little deli downtown, and we are very appreciative for her spending her lunch break with us. So... with relative calm and nothing emergent bearing down, we were able to sneak out (thanks to my mom) and have a nice meal together. Big thanks to Dean Gregory and the rest of the Montgomery Inn Family for their hospitality at the Boathouse last night. It was a welcome respite to the enviroment and diet of the hospital. Unfortunately, Becca is not a big BBQ fan. So...we have switched rooms and feel like we are now living at a Ritz, just a very aseptic one. It is a bit larger with an ante room that drastically cuts down on the light from the hallway and a little alcove that a perfect fit for the aero bed that we borrowed from Denise Rudy. Lothrop family, we believe this was your old room across from the playroom. So...as we finished up reading a bedtime story with Becca last night, we found out that her white blood cell count was very high again (110K) and were likely to head to the ICU for a leukapheresis procedure. This is similar to hemodialysis, but instead of removing proteins and other build up this procedure removes white blood cells. The danger of very high WBC is that it can cause very sluggish flow and can impact a number of organs including the brain. The attending Doc, Dr. Adams, was actually called in to brief us and evaluate Becca around midnight. Having an attending rousted from bed and brought in is never a good sign. Fortunately with the help of increased fluids, Becca rallied and her WBC count dropped below 100 and has continued to fall below the critical threshold. Another small victory for us - narrowly avoiding the ICU and a procedure that would have required accessing a larger vein in her groin. As of right now, she still is getting a fairly large volume of fluids and lasix to make her urinate out the excess. So...if you thought it odd that I began every paraghaph with "So...". This opening is a friendly little poke at the staff at CHMC (or at least the Hem/onc staff). There is a linguistic phenomenon where nearly every person, especially the Docs, say "So..." every time they begin speaking regardless of topic or situation. We have even seen new residents develop this pattern over time. So...listen for it if you ever have the misfortune of being here. EK


Renee and Jon said...

So grateful you were able to get out together last night and even MORE grateful that her WBC is dropping. Praying for positive news today. We love you all.

Always Evolving Mama said...

I am friend & neighbor of Deb's. I met Lilly at the zoo when we all went on Sunday. She's a very sweet girl! I am praying for your family & for Becca. With your permission, I would like to add you all to our prayer list at Christ's Church at Mason.

becca.blog said...

That would be great if you would add Becca (and the rest of us) to your prayer list... we can surely use more prayers! Thank you so much for the treat bag that Deb brought down the other day, too. It was quite popular!

Timmiera said...

So, I am glad that a little brightness (besides the hallway light) has peeked into the picture. Looking forward to the WBC to continue to drop and test results being just what Becca needs. I have some goodies for all of you to bring down or drop off this weekend. I would love to make it a time that I can also supply a dinner of your choosing. Please have Trisha text me when she feels up to it!
Love and Light,

Momto3awesomekids said...

I will absolutely make sure you are all added. I am working on getting Becca a comfort bear through our Women's ministry. Is there a favorite color or theme that Becca likes? I'm glad to hear that Becca enjoyed the goodies I sent down! I was hoping that she would enjoy them!!

Christine, Randy said...

You are right Ethan, that was our room and every little bit of privacy helps. I found out that they were not allowing patients to put up items in the door windows anymore and I thought to myself "obviously that bright person has never spent time on this floor as a patient or parent."
We are praying for Becca, Lilly, Trisha, and you as you all travel this horrible road again. The thought of this happening to Liz is never far out of our minds and when we here about it, it really hits home and brings it to a frightening reality.
I will be at Children's on April 23, with my son for his appointment, If you are up for coffee or something I can bring it up to you.
Always reading the blog and praying for a better next moment.
Blessings ~ Christine Lothrop