Looking up!

Sorry, you'll all have to endure my dry and boring writing tonight, as Ethan is spending the evening at home with Lily.  I'm glad you are enjoying his humor and writing... they are two of the reasons that I fell for him so long ago.  

Ethan told me on the phone this afternoon that Becca was doing really well at a PEEP of 6 and a rate of 35%, and that she would be starting on the CPAP. She was also responding to questions he was asking, working with the physical therapist, and trying to talk to him.  I was so excited to see a response from her that I think I flew down the highway at 95mph!  Good thing Ethan got me that fast car... even he was surprised at how fast I got here.

Finally, I am able to see those big, brown eyes again, and at last, she is interactive!  She has the ability to be one of the most cantankerous little stinkers ever, but man, have I missed her!  Becca was finishing up with the physical therapist when I arrived, and she noted that Becca has lost about 5% of her range of motion.  Hmmm... doesn't seem so bad, but we'll see what that means when she is mobile again.  Apparently, she had some bouts with loose stool today, and it's quite an ordeal to get her cleaned up.  The third "big change" hit almost immediately when I walked in this afternoon, so of course, Ethan bolted. As the nurse and PCA wiped and repositioned (and wiped more), I helped to keep her calm and guarded her tube.  She told me that she needed a tissue, which most likely resulted from feeling the feeding tube in her nose.  I massaged her legs with baby lotion (mmmmm!), and continued when she nodded that she liked it.  The best part of the night was when I told her, "Love you, love you, love you" (our little ritual), and she mouthed those same words back to me.  I simply melted.

The doctors are pleased with Becca's progress today.  She is breathing on her own, her sats are staying up, she's responding to our questions and trying to communicate, and she is calming herself after being disturbed by us.  In addition, she is responding to the chemo.  Her WBC went from 55 to somewhere in the 30s (don't remember exact number), but it looks like she's headed in the direction of tumor lysis.  They have increased her fluids and given her Rasburicase to try to combat the syndrome, and the docs are watching her lab numbers for calcium, phosphorus, uric acid, creatinine, etc..  

I'm so anxious to see what she says and does tomorrow!


Maria and Matt said...

Nothing boring or dry about this Trish! Awesome amazing news and I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat with renewed love and hope for Becca bear!!! She's cantankerous bc she can't fight this battle and win and come out swinging!! You guys are amazing, and I'm doing cartwheels and whooping with joy for this burst of good news!!! Hugs and kisses to all!!!!

linda said...

trisha, that is great news! i'm so happy for you that becca could communicate with you! our thoughts are with you, ethan, lily & becca ALWAYS. love--linda buchanan

The Rupe Family said...

Such happy news! And so glad to hear you and she had some special time together, too! That has got to be healing for all!

Timmiera said...

Yea! Yea! Yea!
I'm so glad you are able to be with her as she makes her wonderful progress.
Can't wait to put my hands on her too!
Have a wonderful and snuggling day!
Love and light,

Unknown said...

You go, girls! We loved reading all of the great news. Maybe when Becca is sleeping she plans just how she is going to make everyone's day. Not to sound like a teacher, but you guys are perfect examples of the FISH! Philosophy: Be There...always for each other and others; Play...painting nails, singing are a few examples...Make Their Day...writing the blog, supporting nurses and each other and Choose Your Attitude...well, you rock this one!

Nancy and Bill

Renee and Jon said...

Beautiful! This made my day and will definitely make Avery's day!! The kids miss her SO much! Can't wait to see her!

Kate Connerth said...

That is all FABULOUS news! It is really great to be able to keep up with her progress on the Blog. You guys are really amazing.

Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick said...

YEA!!! We are so happy to hear this good news!!

XOXO. Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick

Supurrkitten said...

I am reading along keeping you in my thoughts. You all have been through so much, I wish I had a fast forward button to send you. Glad to see Becca is such a fighter and that you have found a way to make Lily's life a little more normal while this is all going on. You and Ethan are so strong, I am proud to know you. You have turned into an awesome grown up and a great mom. Never imagined we would be grown ups much less Mamas when we were kids ourselves.

Keeping you in my thoughts.

Trisha Hilton-Mills

Anonymous said...

Trisha you write beautifully! I enjoy reading the two totally different styles. So glad Becca is becoming more alert and interactive. And so glad you got that fast car! I can't imagine the anticipation!