Keeps getting better

Good things are happening at the hospital. Becca's lungs continue to rally despite some episodes of trying to vomit from the chemo side effects. Her settings are about as low as they can go on the vent and I must assume that extubation is the next step. She is much more emotionally at ease despite the lower sedation. When she wakes Becca is clearly seeing, understanding and responding in a lucid and calm manner. Lily has been very open and honest through this about when she felt like she was able to see Becca. Recently it is has been a no but this morning after talking to becca on the phone and getting and "I love you too" from Becca, Lily felt like she was more than ready. One little hang up is that Becca is in "contact isololation" due to a positive culture when we first were admitted, despite every culture since being negative and her recieving a lifetime supply of every spectum of antibiotic she remains in isolation. This is thanks to the, as some one put it, the "OCD handscrubbers in ifectious disease". I presume that it is cheaper and easier to make rules than it is to make individual decisions. I contacted her oncologist to see if anything can be done to grease the skids and get Lily into the room without compromising patient saftey. So Lily was allowed to stand unmasked and ungowned inside the threshhold of the open door??? Lily has planned to see if she fits into one of out large suitcases and make a covert entrance bypassing the nurse ratchet of the moment. Never the less, it was still a good visit and Becca really perked up and responded to Lily being there. It was very touching to see and a reminder of how comforting they can be for eachother. EK


D'Barrett said...

Omigosh, I am so glad Lily and Becca got to see each other! My heart is happy for you all!!!!!

The Paeltz Family said...

The last 2 posts have been incredible! So uplifting! She is one tough cookie!

pam's poppinpastels said...

So glad they got to see one another and hear the positive news ! I spent the afternoon at hoxworth in Blue Ash donating platelets. For everyone's information it's so easy, no big deal at all, no pain or discomfort either. The staff is just great as well. This was my first time donating anything and it was a pleasant experience. I strongly encourage anyone thinking of helping Becca to donate. They are low on platelets and need people. Make sure to mention Becca, they enter that information , And unlike donating blood you can donate platelets every 2 weeks! The only downside, plan for being there 2 hours but think of it as a relaxing treat for yourself! Read a good book and know you're saving lives!

Timmiera said...

Better and Better!
Keep it coming! So glad for the uplifting interaction and Becca's improvement.
Love and Light,

mlittle said...

This is so wonderful and brought tears to the eyes. Sibling love is great and I am so glad they got a chance to see each other in person. Keep up the spirit!