ICU 4/13

This is going to be brief, as we are physically and emotionally exhausted. Around 2-3 am Becca took a respiratory down turn, and after various efforts to improve her lung function, she needed the artificial support of a ventilator. The event is unofficially being treated as ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). It was a frightening experiance to have her struggling so much. She is currently being kept under while she is tubed and all her vitals are stable. We hope that this allows her body make some needed recovery without the added stress of stuggling to breathe. The ICU doc indicated to us, "I believe that she will make it through this and get better." We will post more details as we know them... EK


Jen said...

A message for Becca:

Hi pretty girl. Some of your doctors including Dr. Absalon called me to tell me what is going on. I wish I could be there with you; I really miss being your doctor (that is an understatement). I know that this is so scary for you and you family, but I also know what a strong and brave girl you are. Please know that even though I cannot be there in person, I am with you in spirit cheering you on. You are an amazing girl Miss Becca. Please tell you parents and Lily that you all are in my heart.

Dr. Pope

Unknown said...

Hi Becca! It's amazing how many people love you and are cheering you on. It shows just how very special you are! We think it's the definition of a Kniskern! We continue to pray for you, you mom, dad and Lily to be strong.

Nancy and Bill

Holly said...

Hi Becca! You are such a strong little girl. I am so proud of you being so brave! My family and my sorority sisters are constantly praying and sending our love your way. You have a wonderful family and many supporters. I send my love to your mom, dad, Lily and you.

Unknown said...

Hi Becca! Camden is here with me right now we are making Get Well letters for you so that I can bring them to you. Stay Strong - My Pretty Little Angel. Love Nece

Unknown said...

Hang in there Ethan and Trisha. Don't forget to eat and sleep yourselves. It is like on an airplane when they say the parent must put on the oxygen mask first. You are in an ultra marathon with hurdles. We love you and are always in your corner.