Extubation day

Becca gets off the ventilator today. She is pretty worried about it and does not want it taken out, but I think she will forgive us is a couple of days. Last night her hands were busy busy; I put a small rubbery elephant in her hand and she messed with it for hours. She is more awake for longer than ever before, though we are joyful, it is harder to see in some ways. She is clearly positionally uncomfortable and is moving her arms and legs all over the place. She also seems a bit depressed, with furrowed brows, and is tearing up during some of our conversations. We will give another update later today after we she how she does off the vent.EK


Aunt Lou and Uncle Rick said...

This is a big day for Becca! We are sending good thoughts and prayers! Hopefully the furrowed brow will go away today when she's breathing on her own! We love you lots and are so happy she's going to be breathing on her own!! Love, Aunt Lou, Uncle Rick, Rachel and Ricky

Madi's Momma said...

That is wondetful! We will pray that Becca has peace about the tube coming out!

Miss Stephanie