evening 4/16

The Docs decided to give Becca a try on the NAVA ventilator this afternoon after she fought the standard ventilator for a good long time. It was not a failure but she never really got in a rythem but was able to keep her saturation up for the most part. for the time being the "white coats" are going to switch back to the NAVA tomorrow for a few hours because it gives her a good respiratory workout and helps to stave off atrophy. It seems we are still heading in the right direction as far as her lungs are concerned. I spoke with her oncologist today about their plans for resuming her chemo therapy. They are still holding off untll she recovers on the respiratory side and her counts come back up. That will likely be measured in weeks and it is unlikely that we will be furloughed from the hospital between cycles. So we are mentally preparing for a two month plus stay from.
"Spring turkey season opens on the 23rd, I know you agree that what Becca needs is massive full body mount tom turkey in her hospital room. I have every intention of meeting that need and you know that I really need to shoot something about now, so any help would be great.....AMEN"


Unknown said...

Most people these days cringe at the word furlough. For your family, it would be great joy. We will keep our fingers crossed that it happens.

Nancy and Bill

Maria and Matt said...

Ethan I still have a turkey in my freezer that I could glue some feathers on. I could fit it on a stick and run it around in the parking lot and gobble until you shoot it. I trust you are a good shot, and if you miss....well we will be in the hospital's parking lot.

We love you guys and have all the faith in Becca, you, Trish and Lily!

Timmiera said...

After the deer on the basement steps scared the bejeebers out of me on Saturday, I'm not sure a full grown GIANT Tom will do much for Becca.
Love and light!