Easter evening

Becca had a pretty rough evening.  She got IVIG and lasix, which made her urinate a LOT.  I guess it was good, because she got rid of the excessive water so that the IVIG can work better, but she started having bad joint pain which was exacerbated by having to get up so often to go.  It started hurting her left shoulder, and then moved into her right hip.  She ended up crying and howling, but she refused to take the oral Oxycodone because she had thrown up this evening.  They tried to get a quick order in for some morphine, however, in the end it turned out to be about a 30-minute ordeal with really intense pain.  Oh, if I could have only taken away her pain and made it my own!  Finally, the morphine kicked in, and after a few more potty breaks, she is asleep (but again feverish).  Hopefully, it won't be a busy night...

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