Chemo morning

Well they have run out of access points now that they are adding on the chemo, but they decided to drop off the IV cipro and bactrim to make room, now that they feel better about infection. Just as soon as she has gotten her fluids inline, they are bumping them all up in preparation for the havoc that the chemo will cause with her electrolytes and various cellular debris. So restarts the tightrope of keeping her plumped up with fluid and controlling seepage into her lungs and backtracking resparitorially (if that is a word). Her platelets are low again and showed some blood in her urine again. The Docs had lowered her goal for platelets but they have decided to give her another infusion because of the urine. It is always something.//

Becca's sedation is also being lowered again, along with her vent settings. She is doing very well on the current settings of PEEP=6 O2=35% and keeping her saturation up in the mid 90's. As far as sedation goes she is becoming alert more easily and communicating a bit. Last night she told me, "I'm hot," not that it was audible, but I could clearly see her mouthing the words. I painted her fingernails purple with lime green polka dots; I thought it was a touch Alice In Wonderland. I am sure that Becca feels "down the rabbit hole" about now. I sure wish I knew what was going on in her mind. Thanks for all the kind words in your comments, we both look forward to reading them.


Unknown said...

How many dads would paint their daughter's fingernails...thinking about Alice In Wonderland while doing it? When we read your blog the word "team" comes to mind because of the important roles everyone involved with Becca has. No one can do it alone. Thank you for keeping us posted on how things are going and we are here if you need anything.

Nancy and Bill

Jenny said...

What a sweet daddy painting his baby's finger nails! Becca is so lucky to have both you and Trisha! It's nice to read your updates and know what is going on! Becca, and you all, continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.