Back in the A.5.S.R.

Back In The A5S Room Oh Let Me Tell You Honey Hey I'm Back! I'm Back in the A.5.S.R Yes, I'm Free! Yeah, Back in the A.5.S.R HA HA! We do know how lucky we are to have made it over the hump in the ICU and back to the oncology floor. Lucky in the sense that we got out of the fire and into the frying pan in some ways. A5S is much more relaxed were they can be, remember the cultural differences between units I mentioned earlier. Yesterday, Brian "The Music Man", came to our room in the ICU and played some great tunes. This is a service that Becca really loves, even if she is sometimes stoic about it. Brian and a couple of other great folks actually get paid to go room to room and sit down and jam with the kids. Often it is just Brian and his guitar strumming out some relaxing vibes other times he breaks out a few instruments for the kids to bang shake or rattle along with him. Poor guy has been given homework to brush up on his ABBA so he can play Dancing Queen. I wonder what he will think of my Beatles spoof? Becca had a mildly crumby day yesterday with regards to her response to chemo; fortunatly the next few days feature much lighter chemo, so she should be much more active and playful. I see some games of war in my future (she cheats btw), no old maid, she refuses to play anymore due to anxiety about getting stuck with the "old maid". That girl hates to lose, if only cancer were a card game. EK


Unknown said...

HI Ethan! We are glad you are back and the time away appears to have enhanced your already gifted repetoire w/ words. Singing is good for the soul, so its great a lot of it is going on in A5S. Have a great day and give becca a huge hug fron us!

Nancy and Bill

Momto3awesomekids said...

Wonderful news that you guys are back in A5S!!!! I'm looking forward to the reports of a more happy & playful Becca!!

Timmiera said...

Hooray! So glad you have moved and were able to "rock out"!
I know Trisha would rather be with you guys instead of here at school for her birthday, but I'm so glad I got to see her and give her a birthday hug.
Keep the positive flying!
BTW... I would love to see the Beetles spoof!
See ya soon,

Unknown said...

SOO happy for you all that you've "made it back!" Becca is certainly a fighter! And you are VERY lucky to have Brian aka Music Man and AMAZING music therapist!
Happy birthday Trisha!

Winona said...

Music is the best therapy out there - tell Becca that Megan loved the Beatles reference, and that she's thinking of her every day!