And so it begins (again)

Late yesterday evening, Becca recieved her first dose of the hard stuff. Part of the deal with the Ara-C is that she needs to have special eyedrops every six hours; this is less than popular but necessary to protect her eyes from inflamation and potential infection. Very soon after the chemo started, so did the nausea and everthing that goes along with it. Becca's upset verbal response to this was, "I don't want to be me anymore."  Hearing that pretty much made us want to drop to the floor.

Her vomiting has been pretty hard to control, but we are trying to retime some of the drugs that work better so they offer better coverage during the hardest times. On a positive note, she responded very well to the first dose... almost too well. Her WBC went from 87k to 13k in the span of about 6 hours. This indicates that her leukemia should continue be vulnerable to the chemo. The down side of the rapid response is that her blood becomes more polluted with the leavings of the burst cells and specific salts or chemicals that negatively impact her kidneys and liver and alter the Ph of her blood. Currently, it is her potassium and phosphorus levels that are most worrisome, and her creatinine is also elevated. The Docs believe that this should be manageable without anything heroic. As I was writing this, new lab results came back indicating a very welcome drop in phosphorus and creatine. Very good news indeed. We feel a whole lot better than we did an hour ago, and that Becca's extreme discomfort has some meaning. Good juju around here...


Unknown said...

Ethan and Trish,
Thank you for keeping us up to date on Becca. We know it's one more thing, yet greatly appreciated!

We are not sure we know any little girls as strong as you! We are thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers!

Nancy and Bill

Timmiera said...

Keep the good JuJu coming! Hopefully, you will be back in your slightly lit room again soon.
Love and Light!