Afternoon in the OR

It was a pretty good morning here at the hospital, Becca was in good spirits and made a fast friends with a young lady from Child Life, there was still some coffee left in the parent lounge and Trisha scored some zanex from a guy out on the corner.
Mid afternoon was less pleasant with our trip to the OR. All things considered all the procedures went well, however she bled more that the docs would have liked so they ordered platelets.
Later in our normal room things were further complicated by her being unable to keep her O2 level high enough without supplemental oxygen and a high fever (bit over 103).
skipping ahead to the present time... this evening/night she has gotten platelets, been given a breathing treatment nebulizer, one unit of blood, a half gallon of Tylenol, a belt of hydroxy urea and a few other things I can not recall.
We are looking forward to a special visitor tomorrow. Lily is coming to visit her Sis and spend the night with Mommy at our house. We also are telling Lily tomorrow that Becca is sick again, that is going to be very very difficult
I am feeling the need to shoot something...if it were winter that Easter Bunny would not have a chance. It is not Trisha writing BTW


Knisring said...

I can't imagine how hard this must be. We are thinking of you all and sending all our love and healing energy your way. I will rely on Anja's four-year-old expertise to help me pick out some fun treats to send to Becca. You have the strength, within yourselves and with the help of friends and family, to do this. We love you so much and would do anything if we could make this go away.

Unknown said...

We can't believe you are traveling this road again! We are here to help you in any way we can. Please ask. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Nancy and Bill Croskey

Nancy said...

We are so sorry that Becca is going through this again, and our hearts go out to you and the entire family. Sending prayers your way. Love, Ron and Nancy