Afternoon 4/7

Well I am looking at Becca right now and she is the most alert that I have seen her in days. We have gotten some real smiles, giggles and a bit of play. This is really great to see even if it only lasts a few minutes, though we hope this is indicating a positive turn.

Becca got a new anti-nausea medication this morning called Kytril, as the Zofran is not working. She hasn't wanted to eat or drink because she is feeling so badly, but she cannot even keep any of the oral medications down, which makes things tricky. Overnight, they tried to give her a tiny dose of Atavan (a sedative and anti-nausea med that needs to be taken orally) so that they could get Atarax (an alternative to Benadryl, since she has a negative reaction to it) in her, and then give her Phenergen for nausea. The problem was that she threw up the Atavan before they could even get the Atarax in. So far so good with the Kytril... keep your fingers crossed for her.
We are still waiting for a couple of test results to come in on Monday or Tuesday that will be major factors in determining what type of chemo will be used during Becca's treatment. As of right now, we are planning on Wednesday being the first dose of the hardcore chemo. As bad as she is feeling, the Docs think that the chemo will actually make her feel better. Pretty strange to consider that the drugs that are about to leave scorched earth will actually increase her general feeling of wellness temporarily. They think that perhaps it is the leukemia that is making her feel so bad, rather than the infection(s) they originally thought were causing these horrible symptoms.

We had asked my brother Jon to pick out and pick up the iPads for us (so that we could reimburse him), but thanks to the generosity of my mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law, the girls can now video chat very easily on their iPads. Lily thinks it's the coolest thing ever, and it's something positive for her to focus on, as well as giving her a way to stay close to her younger sister. As I was typing this, the girls just had their first "Face Time" and it was a huge hit! Becca enjoyed seeing the silly faces Lily made, as well as seeing and hearing her Nana, Papa, and our cat Stella. Lily even took us all on a tour of how green it looks outside, all of the flowers that have bloomed, and the status of the pond. This communication medium is so awesome for them/us!!!

We cannot stop being thankful for all the well wishes, gifts/bribes for both girls, comforting words, and offers to welcome Lily into your homes. We have made arrangements with the wonderful Barrett family, a family very similar to our own, where Lily will stay at least until the summer begins. This will provide her with a reliable place to call "home" and allow her to pretty much continue with a normal schedule while we are at the hospital with Becca. One of us will attempt to take her back to our house to stay every couple or few days, though, and she will still have visits with other friends and family members. We are so appreciative of the Barretts for offering to take on this added responsibility and giving Lily a surrogate family that she loves.

Many people have asked if they can visit, and while we would really love to be able to invite everyone to come down, this is a pretty tough time. With love and thanks, we need to insist on very limited visitations, and only by the most healthy. No visits from children are allowed on this floor... many of the kids here are immunosuppressed.


Ellen Mason said...

A lot of what you are explaining sounds exactly like what Leah went through. High temps/low o2 levels. Although I don't want to scare you, sometimes the fever didn't go away for weeks and got as high as 105 and it will seem like it's never going to end but it does. Usually the hardest part is when her counts are going down and she's at 0. When they start to come back up, she will start to bounce back. Glad to hear that Becca was feeling a little better today and I pray that the new anti-nausea med is the ticket. Although I know it will be difficult, I hope you guys can enjoy Easter tomorrow. Have fun with the IPads too! Ethan, the first time I realized you had a good sense of humor was your speech at Becca's 'No More Chemo' party and I see it again here in the blog. I find myself tearing up and smiling at the same time when I'm reading your updates.

Renee and Jon said...

It was wonderful to have time with Becca yesterday and pray over her! She was sleeping so peacefully - such a beautiful girl. Happy Easter to sweet Becca Boo! Hope she likes what the Easter Bunny brought her!