4/17 morning

A full night of sleep for Ethan and Becca, mine was due to hers and the stealth of the overnight nurse, so thank you ladies. Today on rounds the Docs have decided to lighten up on the sedation and are going to change some of the ventilator setting to really challenge her the next couple of days. They have also set a soft goal of extubating in two days. This is very good news but comes with some anxiety as well. Best case senario is that she gets off the vent and goes onto a high flow canula without a great deal of agitation and fight. We are hopeful for this outcome but also know well her temperment when not getting large doses of steriods. I am betting on a fist fight but you never know. The director of the ICU, Dr. Hector Wong (I am sure there is a good story behind that name), we liked straight off but were not exactly sure why. As I spoke with him over the last week I found out that he is an avid outdoorsman and steelhead fisherman. These facts alone certainly raise my opinion of him and would give him a fine seat in the afterlife if only he would include wing shooting in his pursuits. We will be here for a while and I will continue to attept to show him the path of rightous shotgunning. We enjoy and look forward to reading all the comments left on the blog, even when it one of my lovely aunts reprimanding me for being overly critical of hospital bureaucrats. I assure you that we give ten fold the praise to the care givers when due, which is quite often. EK


Unknown said...

Your blog made us smile this morning. A fist fight shows "fight" and we know Becca is full of "fight". There is absolutely nothing wrong with challenging hospital bureaucrats. They don't have all the answers, can't always see things from the patient/parent point of view and need people like you to make their environments better. Thanks for helping to make those changes and for letting us know how everyone is doing! Prayers and happy thoughts continue!!

Nancy and Bill

Anonymous said...

Getting on here every evening brings a range of emotions. A few days ago, I was so nervous every time I clicked on the link. Now, I'm so excited to check it to see how much progress Becca has made and to see how Ethan will put a humorous spin on something that occured that day or to read Trisha's gentle loving words concerning her baby. Thank you so much for keeping us updated as often as you do.