Overnight was calm, well as calm as an ICU can be. Becca had a great nurse overnight who was gentle, kind and silent. I was only up a few times during the wee hours. Trisha enjoyed the comfort of home last night and is going back to work for a couple days. The Docs have lowered her PEEP to 10 and planning to lower it more today. The trick now is to slightly lower her sedation and play with the ventilator settings to find a the magic mix that will lessen her panic at those times when she becomes more alert. One method/change is called NAVA (neurally adjusted ventilatory assist). This involves replacing her NG feeding tube with one that senses and anticipates her diaphram contractions then relays this to the ventilator allowing her to determine her breathing pattern. The idea behind this is to lessen the struggle between her and the vent, essentially allowing her to hold the reins. Other than her body chewing up platelets her blood work looks very good. All are pleased with the direction Becca is going and are hopeful that she will get off the vent soon. EK. (p.s. I published this without the editorial oversight of "She who must be obeyed", and appologize for the poor punctuation and spilling)


Renee and Jon said...

I love your humor and am so grateful for the positive steps for Becca! Continued prayers are for all of you and especially Trisha since I know it has to be so difficult to be away.
Love to you all - see you tomorrow!

Momto3awesomekids said...

Thank you for the update. I check the blog every day to see how Becca & you all are doing. We'll keep praying!

Heather @ the Rock Crest said...

I hope you can feel the prayers and support and positive energy we are all sending your way. What you're going through is completely unthinkable for most of us, and the way you're navigating through it is miraculous. We are ALL pulling for Becca and for you two and for Lily. You are all amazing, and we wish only the best in healing and easy peace for you.