Fall Fun

Not much news to report... I just wanted to share some of my latest pics. It's been a great fall, mostly because I've been feeling really good. Preschool is so much fun, and I am learning a lot. I can't stop singing and dancing!

My last two clinic visits for chemo are November 16 (OR for spinal tap, intrathecal methotrexate, and IV vincristine) and December 14 (just IV vincristine). Unfortunately, Dr. Absalon wants to get one more treatment in during December, so I'll have the December 14 appointment, and my steroids and oral chemo will be completed on December 18. I think this is called my EOT (End of Treatment). Nice early Christmas gift... huh?! They'll remove my port at the beginning of January, and then I'll have a clinic appointment with blood drawn once a month for 18 months.

We're almost there!

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