It's my cancer-versary!

Thanks to our wonderful friend Brandi in ChildLife on A5S and the Dragonfly Foundation, we got to see the Princesses on Ice a couple of weeks ago. This had to have been the best day of my year so far!
Lily was asleep within five minutes of leaving US Bank Arena after seeing the princesses...

... me, within four minutes!

Cinderella's grand entrance earlier in the night for the character meet and greet

Lily and I chose our own face painting designs during the Cincinnati Walks for Children's Hospital event last weekend. I told Mommy that I got the hearts because, "I love you."

Mommy finally talked me into wearing overalls, and I realized that I don't look like a boy at all (I'm pretty cute, huh?!)

Our neighbor Mr. Jude took us all on hayrides through our neighborhood Friday night, and we had a blast! I think I went three times, and Lily probably took five trips.

Kenlie and I enjoyed a post-hayride campfire chat

Well, it's officially been two years since my diagnosis. I'm surviving and still in remission, too!

I had chemo at the Liberty campus yesterday, and my counts were so good that I'm now back up to 100% on my normal oral chemo. They moved my November 9th OR procedure (which was scheduled to be my second-to-last treatment date) to November 16th due to some doctor retreat thing. I guess they need to have some doctors around if I'm going to be put under... From what Mommy can tell, though, this is fabulous news, because my last treatment visit might be November 16, instead of December 6. We're still awaiting confirmation on that, but I'm ready to celebrate!

I'll still have to take my oral chemo until December 17 (the end date for my treatment), but after my last treatment visit, I can get my port removed. Mommy, Lily, and I are going to visit Nana and Papa in Florida right after Christmas, and it would be great to have my Ariel removed (and the wound healed) before our trip. Following my treatment, we'll need to go to the clinic once a month for eighteen months for checkups, but they'll draw my labs in the clinic, rather than the day before. What's even better is that they can take them through my arm, instead of using my port. Daddy covered my eyes on Sunday when they drew my blood through my arm, and I didn't even cry until he uncovered them and I saw the needle. They can use a much smaller needle for the veins in my arm than they need to access the port in my chest.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we are all seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for continuing to pray for me... I think those positive thoughts and prayers are what have been helping me through. I hope you enjoy the random pics from the past month or so -I've been been feeling quite good and busy!