Started preschool!

Michael and Michelle's wedding reception - I danced like there was no tomorrow

Child Life at Children's Hospital rocks! They gave me "private" playroom time, since I was in isolation the whole time we were there. Lily and I enjoyed playing doctor and nurse with some of the babies. Mine looked like a mummy when I was finished with her.

Like my duck feet?!

Daddy brought our Wii, and Nurse Allie and I had fun sword fighting!

Isn't Finn getting big? I love him so much (even though he steals my toys and eats my food)!

I was SO ready to go to school! I even wanted to wear my backpack in the car.

Don't I look like a normal kid?! I'm not a "growned-up" yet, but I'm getting pretty big. I was so excited to start my first day of preschool yesterday... I even woke up at 6:15, ready to go. Unfortunately, it took a long time before the school opened. My teachers, Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Kim (or "black hair" and "yellow hair," as I call them) are so nice. Actually, I liked everyone I met yesterday at school... I just can't remember anyone's name. I'm going to Montgomery Community Church Preschool four mornings a week, and then I'm going to 'Nise's in the afternoons. It's going to be a fun school year!
I'm sorry Mommy has taken so long to update all of you! It's been pretty busy, though, with me having that hospital stint at the end of the summer and then school starting. I'm gonna give you bullet points to catch you up:
  • I ended up staying in the hospital for one full week (you got the low-down on the first couple of days in the last blog entry). The bottom line, after lots of blood cultures, nose cultures, stool samples, an almost full-body CT scan, and a week in isolation was that they think I had a funky virus. Yes... you heard me correctly. I actually had a fever for six days, and it didn't come down with the antibiotics I was on (I think I was on four different ones at the peak of my treatment). My counts were slow in coming up... and I bottomed out at zero for a couple of days. It was so nice to go home, and that day, I sat on the carpet and played by myself for almost an hour... singing and just happy to be home and comfortable.
  • The day after they released us, I got to go to my mommy's cousin's wedding reception (or, the "party with dancing and cake," as I called it). You can tell in the pic above how sweaty I got dancing. I had so much fun that I refused to leave. It didn't work, though. Mommy and Daddy made me go home :o(
  • My liver enzymes were still a little elevated a week after leaving the hospital, and my counts were not coming up very quickly. They held my chemo for about two weeks, and I got to skip my steroids for the month of August. Mommy almost hugged Dr. Absalon when he told her that I didn't need to take my steroids (A.K.A. my "nice" medicine) for the month.
  • The next time I had labs drawn, my counts were in the range the doctors wanted. Dr. Pope started me up on my chemo again at 1/2 of my dosage.
  • I am scheduled to go in for labs on Sunday and to the Liberty clinic on Monday. I'll be getting Vincristine, and I'm assuming I'll be starting on my steroids again (BOO!). I will try to remember to have Mommy update you after my appointment.
  • We have a date for my last chemo-related clinic visit... December 6! After that date, I will just continue my oral chemo at home until December 17, they can remove my port, and I will be finished with treatment!!! I'll still need to go to the clinic each month to have blood tests and checkups, but no more chemo!

Please send me your healthy vibes for the next few months! I'm still immunosuppressed, and I don't want to have any more extended hospital stays (ever). We're so close...